The Agora Financial Options Seminar

The Agora Financial Options SeminarOctober 4 – 5, 2004
The Agora Financial Options Seminar

I’d like to invite you to an exclusive tour of The Chicago Board Options Exchange on October 4th!

You will also learn from floor traders how to:

  • Outsmart scalpers who ‘pick off’ your stop loss orders, just as the market turns around, leaving you left behind.
  • Give yourself a big edge by knowing when to buy 30% more time – for 10% more money.
  • Use the put/call parity to make the smart choice between two stocks.
  • Avoid the two worst times of day to buy or sell.
  • Turn the most expensive order placement mistake private investors make to your advantage…saving you up to 50% in bid/ask costs.
  • Discover the perfect day, the perfect time of day, and the four days per year to do covered calls and credit spreads.

The tour is included as an extra bonus for attending the Agora Financial Options Seminar on October 4th & 5th at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place in Chicago. To read more about this extraordinary event, click on the link below:

Don’t delay; time is running out!


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