What Daily Reckoning Readers Are Saying…

“I like your style and rational thinking. Good work. You make more sense in one e-mail then a month of CNBC.”
— Ken Krefetz

“I so look forward to your commentary on every subject…. In addition, I love reading about your family, and your home in France. Mostly, I’m hanging on every word re: the stock market…. Finally, your 3 pieces on The Christmas Story were classics! Thanks for sharing the riches of your talent. Keep the emails coming!”
— Sue Mendelson

“You are probably used to receiving nice notes about the D.R., but in the event you are not – let me tell you, sincerely, that it is the highlight of my day….  I’ve been wanting to drop you a note on DR ever since I have become addicted to it. Keep it up, it is worthy material.”  
— David Galland

“I don’t believe I have ever read as succinct and exacting a discussion on the interrelationships of violence, governments, politics and democracy as that served up on your [recent] D.R. Your usual commentary, while always engaging and worth my time, achieved in this case a superlative in clear thinking (in style as well as content).”
— Jeff Baker M.D.

“My problem is I love Bill Bonner’s daily message. It is the first thing I read on the internet each day. I haven’t made a cent from it but it sure has helped with an overall perspective. The one thing I can say is there is a huge need for objective evaluation of what is at work in the world today and what its significance is…. I really haven’t been able to find objective evaluation until Bill started his daily letters and helped me see the big picture.”
— Dan Hayes

“I want to thank you again for The Daily Reckoning. I share it with my daughter, a freshman in college and my wife and I feel it gives her a mature perception into the world around her. Parents can try all they want, a little reinforcement from your beautifully written newsletter is appreciated beyond words. Occasionally you mention shortening the length please don’t. You may think it rambles or that we might not be interested but a beautiful painting extends all the way to the edge of the frame…”  
— Allen Adams

“Your daily emails always serve as a sign of sanity in a crazy world, especially when you pop the pretentious bubbles of modern culture. I enjoy getting your timely and engaging views on a daily basis.”  
— Mike Randolph

“I enjoy your daily columns, comments and information. Such intelligent, rational and articulate words are quite rare on the web…”
— Wm. A. Leavell, PhD

The first thing I hear when I come up from my office down stairs every morning is, “did the daily reckoning arrive yet?” My wife thinks it’s the best thing since the internet, me too!
— Jack Cheshire

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for such a well-written, (and free, yet!), witty, fact-filled newsletter.”
— Tim M. Bella

“I have to tell you, I just love your daily digests… honestly, they are the first thing I read in my batch of e-mails…”
— Barbara Hall

“Truly like your letters – is only one I read everyday – actually look for it! Thank you.”
— Jeff

“Again, thanks for the provocative words- I find myself spending less time with the mainstream media and more with the DR.”
— Paul Edwards

“I have only recently started getting your Daily Reckoning. This is just to let you know that there is someone out here who greatly enjoys it. Biggest compliment – I read it in the morning when I am awake, and don’t hold it to the evening when I can only handle mindless matters.”
— Derek Ellis

“…your style is so personal and down to earth, it is difficult to remember your audience is bigger than just me!”
— John Babbs

“I would happily pay for this absolutely delightful philosophical, cultural, intellectual, humorous and exceptionally well written newsletter.  I’ve saved every one since I subscribed… how special this service is…”
— John Bowers

“It is great to read about the world we live in via your insights… [there is] nothing like this in the Mass Media here in the United States…. Keep up the great Daily Reckoning, it’s about the only reason I get on the Internet…”
— David R. Yood

“Enjoy your daily comments more than a lot of stuff in some of the letters to which I subscribe….  Good clear thinking and plain writing.  Thanks a lot for sensible and timely outlook.”
— Edith del Junco

“Your daily communiqué is awesome!  Of the 12 financial resource reports I get each day, yours by far is the most useful and concise….  Your email is a welcome part of my day…”
— Timothy S. McFadden

“I enjoy the thought provoking editorials and news updates.  You have the “ring of truth” about what you say.”
— Harlan Stratton, MD

“I admire the background and thought put into the DR. I truly appreciate your grammar, wit, and general education you put into the DR.  Keep up the good work and first class standards.”
— Chuck Jendel

“…I also like your irreverent, fresh perspective on politics, the market, and life in general, and I appreciate your dry sense of humor. I keep tuning in to find out “what Bill’s up to now”, while deleting without reading about half of the other email I routinely get.  It’s kind of addictive, really.”
— Jon

“I have just received my very first transmittal from the illustrious Bill Bonner.  Kudos – what a refreshingly witty, erudite, finger wagging, sensible and insightful piece.  This will be one of the ver y few emails to which I shall look forward.”
— Elaine

“Thank you, Bill Bonner, for your interesting analysis of free trade and the various ramifications which were alluded to therein….provocative and enlightened thought…. I thoroughly enjoy your Daily Reckoning and have quite unabashedly become addicted to your mental agility. You fall into the category of Mencken and Buckley and other essayists of whom I have the highest regard…”
— Robert Orr

“I only recently got on your daily e-mail commentary list. I wish that had been much earlier. I consider your commentary and side references most valuable, in fact, your e-mail is a highlight of my day. Thanks for your e-mail service and I hope that you will continue it and your cogent, realistic commentary into the future.”
— Ray

“I have thankfully been getting and reading your morning letters and think very highly of them and do not feel that you have wasted any of my time. I even have my wife and daughter read them daily…. I can not tell you how refreshing it is to read your daily letters as there is almost no one in normal world that is thinking today…”
 — Al Adams

“I believe I am addicted. Today is the first day I did not receive the Daily Reckoning and I happily admit I have missed it. Hope to read it tomorrow.”
— tsc

“I love hearing from you on a daily basis. This has been a wonderful add on to my newsletters. Thank you very much.”
— Kevin

“Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate  the “Daily Reckoning”. Your insight into what is happening in the world is very helpful.
Peter Scott

“I absolutely love and enjoy the newsletter. It has some of the best commentary and opinions. It is actually better than some of the newsletter that I pay to get.”
— Joe Gesualdi

“…what sets your newsletter apart from others is the chatty, yet comprehensive insight… you hit a few points in each letter and present it in the form of someone who knows the European lifestyle firsthand and spices up the information in a credible and interesting way. It reads like a letter from a friend…”
— Iona

“Just a quick note to say how much  I enjoy your daily letter! I find myself agreeing with almost everything you say, which worries me! Your “Daily Reckoning” is something I look forward to every day!”
— B.T.Chrobok

“I suppose what I’ve enjoyed most from Bill Bonner’s comments in The Daily Reckoning is his ‘bemused’ and skeptical attitude towards the everyday market and his ability to evaluate the daily nonsense in the clear light of his own values. I find that not many can do that.  He is willing to stand apart from the crowd and point out that the emperor is, well, ah, er, naked…”
— John

“I enjoy reading your piece each morning.  Your insights have a refreshing depth.”
— Andrew Smith

“As an early riser I appreciate having information to start the day.  I find the Daily Reckoning to be insightful and cuts to the chase with a minimum of verbiage.”
— Raymond J. Brown

“I find your daily comments extremely interesting since it is rare to find a source of information that provides a historic and present day world perspective.”
— Andreas Taeubel

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