Orange Juice: The Summer’s Hottest Commodity

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July 11, 2006
Contact: Ian Mathias, imathias@agorafinancial, 410-864-1652 – Orange Juice:  The Summer’s Hottest Commodity
Baltimore, MD:  According to an expert on U.S. commodities, orange juice stands to be one of this season’s high-yield investments. A string of setbacks will put growers in a bind and send juice prices up, and the worst could be yet to come.
“The orange juice situation is dire,” said Kevin Kerr, a resources expert and frequent contributor to The Daily Reckoning. “OJ is getting the life squeezed out of it by a myriad of factors,” said Kerr, “and juice prices seem destined to surge.” Kerr attributes hurricane fears, higher costs, rampant crop disease, and lack of migrant workers to the industry’s recent plight.
Many growers spent the first half of the season fighting off an outbreak of citrus canker – a crop disease that significantly reduced this year’s orange harvest. Recent legislation and an impending hurricane season have also forced out countless members of the immigrant workforce, which constricts the vice on the OJ industry even tighter.
On the verge of hurricane season, one bad storm, said Kerr, “could be the last nail in the coffin for orange growers who are already struggling.” If the storm season is as violent as the previous two years, Kerr believes the orange juice yield could hit devastating lows. 
As the fate of orange growers is left to chance, Kerr stated that a rise in value is far more certain. “All in all, the forecast for juice prices is much, much higher.”
Kevin Kerr is the editor of Resource Trader Alert and a frequent contributor to The Daily Reckoning. His unparalleled expertise in futures and commodities has made him a regular contributor to news outlets like CNN, FOX News, CBS Evening News, Nightly Business Report and many others.
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