U.S. Water Systems Spur Growth in Little Known Stocks

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June 16, 2006
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www.dailyreckoning.com: U.S. Water Systems Spur Growth in Little Known Stocks 
Baltimore, MD:  As a wild market leaves U.S. investors desperately searching for reliable investments, one Wall Street veteran may have found a diamond in the rough. While the rest of the country is neck deep in commodities, unavoidable big business for water infrastructure companies could create the next generation of dependable stocks.

“Water pipes are rusting and crumbling all across this great land of ours,” said Eric Fry, a contributing editor to The Daily Reckoning and market expert. The American Society of Civil Engineers recently told Fry that our water infrastructure will require a $1 trillion overhaul over the next 20 years. “That’s bad news for the municipalities, tax-payers and rate-payers that will have to foot the bill,” said Fry, “but very good news for the companies that will be sending the bills.”
“The average New Yorker buys a new toothbrush every three months, but he brushes his teeth with water that flows through 100-year old tunnels and pipes,” said Fry. In a recent article, he noted that while most Americans have little concern for our deteriorating water infrastructure, several government agencies are likely to act. “Even if some municipalities would be content to tolerate an excess of arsenic in the local water supply, the EPA is not.”
In his daily e-letter, The Rude Awakening, Fry highlighted a number of major American water and piping business that stand to gain from seemingly inevitable restoration projects. Fry believes that a few companies have even positioned themselves in a way that “will mean big business.”
Eric Fry’s full report

Eric J. Fry, The Rude Awakening’s “Man On The Scene,” has been a specialist in international equities since the early 1980’s. With over a decade of professional portfolio management experience, Fry’s well-respected familiarity has made him a regular on television financial news programs and a frequent contributor to selected investment research publications.
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