Land of the Free, Indeed

Woe are we. There is nary a nation state on the planet where a man can be free. The entire planet is a cobweb of governments, police, taxes, laws, rules and regulations.

It is with great sorrow that much of the population of the planet now has Stockholm syndrome. They’ve grown to adore and fawn after their captors. Billions in the U.K. flock to see their slave masters inaugurated or wed. “Prince William of Wales has taken a bride,” they shout. “What a glorious day!”

The tax slaves happily pull up to checkpoints and show their documents. Papers please!  “Thank goodness for our overseers or we’d all be killed by communists!” Sorry, terrorists; we are the communists now.

Yet the prisoners don’t even notice that some of their shackles are starting to rust and fall to the ground. All of the wealth and prosperity has drained from the system now to the point where the entire control edifice is in danger of collapsing — yet the sheep see that as something to be feared, not cheered.

“The local police station is closing,” they cry. “Who will be there to fine us or give us a good tasering?” the people wonder. “Who will be there to show up well after any problem has occurred and write it down for us?”

It’s gotten so bad now, they say, that they may have to make some things legal. “We should make marijuana legal and then tax it and give the money to the overseers,” they say. “We must feed the State…Even if it means allowing some freedoms!”

Yet, when actually given the chance, via vote, the slaves line up one after another to deny themselves the right to have freedom of choice.

Goethe said, “No one is more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”.

Land of the free? The poor American, chanting like a raving lunatic that they live in the land of the free when in fact they live in their own proprietary version of North Korea — and in some cases worse. North Koreans can open brokerage accounts in most countries in the world. Americans? Not allowed.

Home of the brave? They stand in line at airports, removing all metal objects, laptops, put their perfume in a see through plastic bag, for no explainable purpose, take off their shoes and belt — all without even being prompted and silently await their pat down.

But, perhaps through all the brainwashing, hypnotism and indoctrination via their 12-16 years of government ‘schooling’ and mainstream media they just don’t even recognize freedom anymore.

We must attack Mexico! They cry, “Mexico is a failed state!” as though that is a bad thing. Why, drugs aren’t even illegal there!  Roll out the B52 Bombers, they rail, to the man who holds the Nobel Peace Prize.

If he wasn’t so busy bombing four other countries, at the moment, he almost certainly would like to. But Mexicans aren’t Muslim and their oil supply is dwindling so they’ll just have to wait for their liberation.

Meanwhile on the streets of the United State they Twitter, they tweet, they Facebook and bleat, oblivious to any reality around them.

“Why do they hate us?” they ponder sometimes. “They hate us for our freedom”, the newscast replies.

Ah, yes, they say, it’s so obvious to see. They are just always going to hate us, because we live in the land of the free. Indeed.

Jeff Berwick
The Dollar Vigilante
Whiskey & Gunpowder

April 15, 2011

The Daily Reckoning