Daily Reckoning iPhone and iPad Applications

Thanks for your interest in the free iPad & iPhone applications. These apps will help you immediately – and easily – enjoy all of your favorite Daily Reckoning content right on your  iPad or iPhone. See the instructions below for installation.

To Download the The Weekly Reckoning iPad & iPhone App Direct to your iPad or iPhone:

  1. Find the blue “App Store” button on your iPad’s screen and push it.  2. Click on the “Search” button at the bottom of your iPhone screen and type “Weekly Reckoning” into the field and then press the “Search” button.  3. Select the app from the list and you can immediately install it! Or  Click here to go to the iTunes store on your iPad and download it instantly. (See step-by-step instructions with screen shots below)

The Weekly Reckoning iPad & iPhone App Downloading Instructions

 You can also download the App to your desktop or laptop computer:

  1. Download to your computer method 1:
     Click here to go to the iTunes store on your desktop or laptop computer.  Sync your iPad and computer to  load the “Weekly Reckoning” app onto your iPad.
  2. Download to your computer method 2:
    Open your iTunes program on your desktop or laptop computer. Click on the “iTunes Store” button in the left margin of the iTunes program screen. Once you get to the store, click on the “App Store” button along the top edge of the iTunes Store. The App Store lets you browse applications and download them directly to your iPhone. Go to the search box in the top right corner of iTunes and type in “Weekly Reckoning” Select your free iPad app and download it to your computer, and then sync it onto your iPad.

I hope you enjoy the latest FREE benefit to your Daily Reckoning subscription.  And be sure to tell your friends that use iPads or  iPhones about this new app…

Addison Wiggin
Executive Publisher,  Daily Reckoning

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