Emerging Capital Report

“Banned From the General Public Since February 1946, These Secret Mega-Deals for the Wealthy – Set up by the Savviest, Most Respected Financial Gunslingers in the World – are About to Be Exposed to a Select Group of Very Special Individuals…


In the past, these kinds of monster deals were only available to the private privileged few – the most influential, well-heeled and wealthy individuals in the world. We mere mortals could not participate. We were banned from the big boys’ inner circle.

That has now changed.


But this opportunity is open only to a limited number of very special people, and for just a little while longer. Get in now before the doors to fabulous wealth are closed to you forever….

Dear Friend,

Did you know that our own U.S. government hasbannedmost of us from some of the hottest, most profitable moneymaking deals in the world?

It’s true.

Our government, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that most of us are just “not sophisticated enough” or justtoo damn dumb, to understand and get in on these mega-deals. So the government crafted a law to ban these investments from anyone except certain fat cats who are deemed worthy of getting in on these deals.

We don’t think that’s fair. In fact, we thinkit stinks!

But there is some good news.

You see, we’ve discovered a way toget around this law,helping our readers to even better deals than the ones that are barred from them, laughing at the fat cats all the way to the bank as they make10, 20 and even 241 times their money.

We’ll even guarantee you a chance at 10 times the return on your money, or we will give you a full refund for the service. How can we do that? We’ll tell you later.

But first, you need to understand how all this came about.


The Emerging Capital Report: Here’s the story…

The year was 1946.

On Feb. 1, John Hay (“Jock”) Whitney, considered one of the richest men in America, champion polo player, horse breeder and frequent financial backer of Broadway shows and Hollywood blockbusters likeGone With The Wind, pioneered an investment vehicle that became the most positive economic development of the post-World War II era.

Jock and five other financial mavericks pooled millions of dollars of his own money and launched the first private venture capital firm in America. Venture capitalism was born, and the face of the financial world was changed forever.

Fast forward to 1999.

Michael Moritz of Sequoia Capital and John Doerr of Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers invested $25 million to get a relatively unknown company called Google off the ground. For their money, they got 18.6% of the company. Their stake was worth $5.5 billion five years later. In other words, these savvy venture capitalists made 220 times their money in 5 years!

But the reward for the most lucrative venture capital deal ever may go to Benchmark Capital. According to Robert Cagle, one of Benchmark’s general partners, its $5 million investment in eBay was worth $4 billion a few years later, a return of 800 Times its money!

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “This sounds intriguing, but I wouldn’t have millions to invest in these kinds of deals anyway. This is out of my league.”

Well, stay with me here. You see, we’ve stumbled on a unique method for participating in these venture capitalist-style plays. In a moment, we’ll reveal two special situations that venture capitalists wouldkillfor, and how you can get into them without putting millions of dollars up front.

In fact, it will cost you about as much as a trip to McDonald’s. It will take a five-minute phone call to any broker in America. And you will avoid the gargantuan risk of the venture capitalists, while thebreathtaking potential returnsremain the same.

But to snare these massive, venture capitalist-style investment returns, you have to find situations that are equally massive in scope. In other words, deals with life-changing,old technology-smashingpotential.

We’ve found two situations that meet those criteriain spades!

The first situation could catapult every $1,000 into $90,000 (and that is being conservative!)….

Do you remember the recent SARS virus scare? Worldwide health organizations scrambled toburynews of this impending epidemic as best they could. They had to, otherwise a global panic might have occurred. But the news leaked out, and the world wasterrifiedfor a few weeks.

As it turned out, the SARS virus was contained. We dodged a monster bullet on that one. But SARS is still out there, waiting to rear its ugly head again at any time.

Fortunately, a tiny Chinese company came to the rescue. This microcap medical biotechnology company, using an ultra-sophisticated drug development process, quickly developed a vaccine that, in preliminary tests, hascrushedthe SARS virus. So if SARS returns, we’ll be ready.

But there is some bad news…and some good news.

Scientists have recently discovered a new, ultra-contagious “super-flu” that is impervious to any known treatment. No human being has a proven immunity to this disease. This nasty virus has wiped out 72% of the known human cases infected with it. Medical specialists consider this the greatest threat facing the world today. This is onebad bug!

But this minuscule company is coming to the rescue again. It’s in a unique partnership with the Chinese CDC and is solving the problem. Potential gains? In an epidemic situation, think 6 billion people at $10 a dose.

That kind of revenue for a tiny company like this one could easily propel its price Up to 90 Times in Value!

The Emerging Capital Report: Venture Capitalist-Style Returns

The best news? This Chinese biotech company is available on a U.S. stock exchange for right around two bucks and change. When it’s all said and done, this stock could turn every $1,000 into $90,000.

But we’re just getting warmed up.

Check out the second venture capitalist-style opportunity we’ve found for you. The company issoexciting, it reads like a James Bond novel…

The Emerging Capital Report: This Russian Genius Is Working for NO Salary…

A Russian genius risks his life to defect to America. When he arrives, he quickly creates a multimillion dollar company and “retires” to the good life. But he’s not suited to retirement and gets restless. Then he discovers this amazing, unknown little company working on his particular field of expertise – nuclear physics. After analyzing the company, he insists on joining the staff…for no salary!

All he asks is to be paid with shares of this small company. The company is working on not one, but three separate businesses, each one with a potentialfor raking in billions of dollars.He immediately sees that this tiny company has revolutionary technology that can, with his help,forcethe company to explode up to 10, 20, 50 or Even 100 Times in Value Within the Next Few Years!

The Emerging Capital Report: Approached by a Movie Director to Tell His Story

His story is so incredible he has been approached by a movie director to do a documentary film on his life.

By the way, the company has already multiplied more than4 times in valuein the last few months (since he joined the staff), and it is onlyjust begunto exploit the company’s proprietary technology.

This Russian mega-brain hasnever failedin getting patents for his ingenious inventions, and every single one of them has made money. With over two dozen U.S. and international patents, this is an almostunbelievable success rate!

With a“4 times your money”gain already made in the last few months, this train has already left the station. But it’s still not too late to get on board. We’re looking at a potential here of at least50 times your money.Just think, at that rate, a mere $1,000 could become $50,000!

More on these situations later, but for now…

Welcome to the wild, wooly,insanely lucrativeworld of venture capitalism.

Venture capitalists, or VCs, are the real mavericks of the investment world. They don’t care a whit about making a puny 10% or 20% a year on a stock. They even yawn at the prospect of doubling their money in two years.

They don’t evenbeginto get excited until you talk about a minimum return of- 20-30 Times Their Money in 2-3 Years!


As you can see, these VC super-investors don’t even think in terms of percentage returns. They think in “times their money” returns. As in “10 times our money,” “300 times our money,” etc.

Venture capitalists are changing the world, day by day. And creatingmassive, staggeringwealth at the same time!

Obviously, VCs are the highest-paid, savviest and shrewdest investors on the planet. They are paid based on the incredible values they create, which are immense indeed.

The problem is that unless you are one of the mega-wealthy insiders who are able to discover and get offered these deals, you are pretty much left out in the cold. After all, you have to be what’s known as an accredited investor (having a net worth of at least $1 million or a high six-figure income) before VCs are allowed to even look at you. That’s that pesky, profit-robbing law the government passed that helps the fat cats and not the ordinary investor.

To be honest, this law was passed because of the extremely high risk factor in investing in original VC-type deals. Although VCs take every possible precaution in setting up these companies, and they go into each deal knowing that perhaps only one or two out of 10 are going to be home runs.

But if that home run turns out to be the next Google or eBay, returning 300 times their money or more, well, do the math! All the other strikeouts will be quickly forgotten.

And as I mentioned before, we’ve unearthed a way for the little guy to get in on these blockbuster, VC-style home-run deals…without tons of VC capital, while slashing risk to the bone. We’re so sure of this system that we’ll even guarantee you make at least 10 times your money, or we’ll refund you in full for the service. But we think you’ll do much better than that.

In fact, we have exclusive, private dossiers of two potential“90 Times Your Money”plays sitting on our desk right now. And we’d love to hand them over to you on a silver platter.

Here’s a brief rundown of each:

Venture Capitalist Situation No. 1:Make 15-90 Times Your Money and Crush SARS, Hepatitis and the Flu

Virtually unknown in the United States, this small company isbelovedin China. You see, there’s a colossal epidemic of hepatitis in China, with more than 200 million Chinese estimated to be infected with one strain or another.

Not surprisingly, China is the third highest consumer of hepatitis medicine in the world. However, 90% of that medicine is a dangerous vaccine, sometimes causing liver, spleen and lung damage to the patients receiving it. The other 10% is a much safer variety.

China is about to mandate a change to the safer vaccine. And our small biotech company makes half of the output of it. This policy change alone will instantly increase the company’s hepatitis market 10-fold.

But it gets better. You see, our little prize company is the only Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturer that meets the stringent European GMP (good manufacturing practices) for drugs. That makes it the go-to company when a vaccine absolutely must work.

The Emerging Capital Report: Millions of Dollars From Ending Flu Vaccine Shortages

Remember our unfortunate lack of conventional flu vaccine during the 2004-2005 flu season? Any major flu outbreak could have been catastrophic.

This company could make that situation a thing of the past.

Its conventional flu vaccine has been approved by the Chinese State Food and Drug Administration, and the company has just built a production facility for this vaccine. That facility can already crank out 2 million doses a year. At $5 a dose, that’s future potential revenue of $10 million right there.

Not bad, considering the company’s market cap is only $100 million!

But this new facility will soon be able to produce up to 20 million doses. During the 2003-2004 flu season in China, 20 million doses were consumed, and about 10-20 million more could have been used had they been available.

Assuming full production, this would equate to $100 million of revenue for this small company. Not only that, but the company is planning a second facility, at a construction cost of a measly $4 million.

Think about it: Where else in the world but China could you build a full-scale vaccine manufacturing plant to world quality standards for a measly $4 million?

But it gets even better…

The Emerging Capital Report: How to Make Boat Loads of Money When SARS is Destroyed

Most everyone in the world remembers the terrifying outbreak of SARS. We were on pins and needles for a few weeks. We were very lucky on that one. Fortunately, the SARS virus was contained. But there’s no assurance that another strain of SARS won’t break out somewhere else at any time.

Guess who’s the world leader in SARS vaccines? Our little biotech company. In fact, it’s the only company in the world that has received official approval to conduct human clinical trials on a SARS vaccine. It passed Phase 1 with flying colors. Phase 2 has already started.

This tiny company has the full backing (and funding) of the Chinese government to get this vaccine to market as fast as possible. That should happen in the next year or two. In a new epidemic situation, however, the vaccine would  be approved on an emergency basis. This would cause an immediate explosion of revenues for the company. This alone could easily make you 10-15 times your money.

And this is still just the beginning of the story…

The Emerging Capital Report: The Mega-Wealth-Creating Wild Card 90 Times Your Money or More by Declaring War on the World’s Next Black Death Epidemic

Unfortunately, a new virus is developing that will make SARS look like a bad cold. This one could literally threaten the life of everyone on Earth, wiping out 5-10% of the human population.

Sound like a bad science-fiction novel? Believe me, this one’s for real. This super-flu has wiped out 72% of the known cases of human infection. It’s the greatest threat facing the world today, according to a top epidemiologist at the University of Minnesota.

Currently, there is only one drug that stands a chance of blocking this horrible virus. And it’s in very short supply. No way could it stop a worldwide epidemic.

The good news is this minuscule company is already developing a vaccine against this super-flu, in a unique partnership with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Given the company’s total focus on epidemic prevention, backed by the massive power of the Chinese government, this company could lead the way and will ultimately bring a successful super-flu vaccine to market.

When that happens, our tiny biotech company could own the world commercial rights to that vaccine. Let’s take a few minutes to discuss the potential.

All known cases of this super-flu are currently contained in Southeast Asia. But that may not always be the case. If it somehow gets out of this area, it could spread like wildfire. Klaus Stohr of the World Health Organization’s global influenza program recently declared,“It will go around the globe, and nothing will stop it.”

Remember, no human immunity to this virus has been found. In a worldwide epidemic, everyone on the planet would potentially need this vaccine in a widespread epidemic. That’s a potential market of 6 billion people. At a conservative estimate of $5 a dose, that’s $30 billion in revenues to our tiny company.

Of course, it’s not realistic to say that everyone in the world will need the vaccine. After all, we have the ways and means to control an epidemic, containing it to certain areas.

But part of that containment process involves creating buffer zones against the spread of the infection. That would lead to at least 5-10% of the world’s population being chosen for the vaccine. In that scenario, about $1.5 billion in revenues would be generated for our company.

So what does all this mean to potential investors?

If things go as we suspect they will, taking into consideration just the hepatitis vaccine, the conventional flu vaccine and the SARS virus vaccine, conservative estimates for this little medical dynamo show a 1,412% return over the next year, or over 15 times your money.

But the wild card is the super-flu vaccine.

In the conservative scenario discussed above, $1.5 billion in revenues would easily equate to $300 million in net profits for this little company. This would create a situation where you would realistically make 90 Times Your Money – or More!

This is no amateur-hour, pie-in-the-sky company.

The Emerging Capital Report: Meet the Brilliant Masterminds and Prestigious Financial Advisers Behind This Company

The CEO is a man voted by the American Biographical Institute as one of the world’s 500 most influential leaders. This brilliant professor of biochemistry heads several other highly influential commissions and associations steering the medical industry in China.

The president has been involved in hepatitis research and development for over 20 years, and was the inventor of the safer variation of the hepatitis vaccine. The Chinese government placed him in charge of researching the development of the SARS vaccine.

These well-connected, well-respected men have just executed a brilliant maneuver to further set this company apart from the usual Chinese company. They have employed the services of the world-renowned Credit Suisse, one of the world’s largest and most respected investment banks, to act as the company’s exclusive financial adviser.

For Credit Suisse to even be bothered with this company speaks volumes. After all, in this age of financial scandal such as the Enron and Arthur Andersen collapses, a company as prestigious as Credit Suisse cannot afford to mar its reputation by being associated with a substandard company.

The worst part of this company, by far, has to be its investor relations section. Otherwise, the stock price would be much, much higher.


But even that is about to change.

The company has just hired a prestigious U.S. firm to provide public and investor relations services in North America. And the president of this company did a highly unusual thing.

He personally flew to China to check this company out. He got completely up to speed on the major areas of business and technology operations, agreements and strategies. He toured the company facilities. He went over everything with a fine-toothed comb.

And then he immediately bought 550,000 shares of this company. This is one investor relations executive who puts his money where his mouth is!

Bottom line: With the incredible research and development facilities of this company, with the products already in the commercial pipeline, with the full backing and funding of the Chinese government, with the influential management in place and with world-renowned companies heading its financial advisory and investor relations departments, this tiny biotech company could easily make you…10-90 Times Your Money in the Next Few Years!

Venture Capitalist Situation No. 2:Make Another 10 Times Your Money

Our second situation is the closest thing to a “sure bet” we’ve ever seen. This tiny company could easily turn out to be the“Emerging Technology Stock of the Decade.”A slam-dunk,“10 Times Your Money”play if there ever was one.

This is the company our Russian genius defectorrefusesto take a salary on. He just wants stock in the company as compensation.

Here’s why:

Selling for pennies, this company has the patented technology to solve not just one, butthreemega-problems of modern times. And the solution to anyoneof these issues could easily be worth billions…

The Emerging Capital Report: Making Billions by Stopping Osama bin Laden’s Plans in Their Tracks

When the former Soviet Union dissolved, a distressing situation was discovered.

Seems that several hundred nuclear warheads “disappeared.” And some of these were “suitcase nukes,” able to be transported by hand across national borders. An anti-terrorism nightmare, to say the least.

Fortunately, this tiny company has developed technology to stop this situation cold.

It’s developed a suitcase nuke “sniffer” device that detects nuclear material,even through lead shields!

The value of this technology is obviously worth billions, not even thinking about the hundreds of thousands of human lives protected in keeping these bombs from entering our borders.

The company just received the highest-level security review from the U.S government for a new patent as these words are being written. A mega-deal with the U.S. government could turn the early informed into millionaires overnight.

The Emerging Capital Report: Creating Wealth by Solving the U.S. Government’s Embarrassing $60-Billion Problem

The U.S. government has an enormous, embarrassing problem.

Over decades of nuclear power plant operation, billions of gallons of radioactive water have been accumulated and must somehow be disposed of.

The problem?

The radioactive ingredient in the water decays over time. But it takes a mere 100 years to do so. The only present solution is to find safe storage for this radioactive water, for 100 years.

This has led to the “Mother of All NIMBY” (Not In My Backyard!) problems. Understandably so, no region in America wants to allow storage of this toxic waste water anywhere near it.

And it gets worse.

Many of the storage tanks holding this toxic water are starting to leak into the groundwater of several American communities, contaminating drinking water. Even whole rivers and aquifers are at risk.

Obviously, this problem must be solved quickly. But all alternative processes other than simple storage of the water have either been ineffective or cost prohibitive.

This tiny company may have the $60-billion solution. You see, it has developed a process toseparatethe good water from the bad water. This process would save the Department of Energy many, many billions of dollars in storage costs.

Our “inside expert” (we’ll introduce him in a moment) learned from the nuclear industry’s top consultant that the DOE is ready to award a contract paying $6-10 a gallon to process the water. With 6 billion gallons of the toxic water in storage, this contract could potentially be worth up to $60 billion.

Since this company has the only solution that makes economic sense to the DOE, it should be the major player to land that contract. When that happens, we predict the company’s stock will leap skyward in a few days, easily making many early investors wealthy in the process.

The Emerging Capital Report: Mega-Wealth Creation in the Nanotech Gold Rush

In the great California gold rush of the 1890s, guess who ended up the richest?

If you guessed the gold miners, you are dead wrong.

The people who became the wealthiest during that gold rush were the folks whosold the picks and shovels to the gold miners!

And did you know that abrand-new gold rushhas just been launched by none other than our own U.S. government?

That’s right. The U.S. government recently authorized billions of dollars to be awarded to startup companies developing a new technology callednanotechnology.Europe is doing the same. It’s not just a gold rush, but a gold race.

Nanotechnology is basically the science of things very, very small. Think of tiny machines far smaller than a pinhead.

The applications of these tiny machines are almost infinite. Imagine them traversing a cancer-ridden human body, searching for and destroying cancer cells, leaving the surrounding tissue intact. Or millions of tiny little robots in an assembly line, creating clothing that is virtually indestructible.

These millions of machines will need a source of power. A battery no larger than a molecule, for instance.

Our favorite tiny company has developed such a battery. The power source? A few atoms of a nuclear waste material. And this battery will lastfor 20 years!

This same battery could be used to power pacemakers, and it would be the last one the heart patient would ever need to worry about.

If this nuclear battery is chosen to power the millions and millions of the tiny robots, pacemakers and other nano-machines soon to be developed during the Nanotechnology Revolution, it will become the mega-wealth-creation gold rush “picks and shovels” vehicle of all time. Yet again, early investors in this virtually unknown company stand to make millions.

I hope you now realize why our Russian genius is “crazy like a fox” to insist on working for this company for nothing other than stock. If he fails, he makes no money

But if he causesany oneof these technologies to take off…

He Would Be Rich Beyond His Wildest Dreams!

And remember, he hasnever failed to bring his products to market. We choose to recommend you place your bets on him, and stand to make a bloody fortune, right along with him.

Oh, and by the way…the company has him inventing new things full time, every day of the week. We can’t wait to see what’s next.


The truth is these are two of the highest-potential investment situations we have ever seen. Situations that any self-respecting VC wouldcrave.

But here’s the point we need to hammer home.

These are NOT the private VC deals you are banned from. You do NOT have to be an “accredited investor” worth tens of millions to get in on these deals. You do NOT have to have millions of dollars to invest. You do NOT have to be in the fat-cat insider club to hear about these deals.

Sure, you are still banned from the typical VC deals. But guess what?It just doesn’t matter!Not when you can abolish all the restrictions the VCs have and still set yourself up for making returns the big-boy VCsdroolover.

Now, here’s how we’re really going to turn the tables on the venture capitalists, and skew the advantages totally in your favor…

The Single Greatest Advantage Venture Capitalists Have That You Don’t

You might immediately think that advantage ismoney. That’s not necessarily so. Not directly, anyway.

The real advantage VCs have over you is simply that theyget to see the good ideas first.

And the enormous sums of risk capital VCs have allows them an early seat at the table to scrutinize these radical, cutting-edge concepts. They get to cherry-pick the best, most viable ideas before anyone else has even gotten wind of them.

We’ll tell you how to nullify that advantage in a moment. But first, you must learn…

How to Think Like a Venture Capitalist

To score the massive VC-type investment returns, you must learn to think like a venture capitalist. You must adopt a totally different mind-set than the rest of the “average investors” out there.

What does this mean? Specifically, the following:

  • You must stop thinking in terms of “percentage” returns. Remember, VCs think about “X times your money” returns.
  • You must stop thinking about the “gold,” the piddly returns most “normal” investments make. Start thinking about the “gold mine” – the vehicle to produce enormous, VC-style returns!
  • You must have the foresight and the sheer guts to put your money into companies you’ve never even heard of. Heck, even The Wall Street Journal has never heard of these companies (and that’s exactly what we want – if everyone and his brother knows about them, it’s too late!)
  • Finally, you must learn to think backwards. Venture capitalists spend millions in researching where the megatrends of technology are leading us, and then working backward to figure out what companies fit the mold of that incredible future.

If this sounds hard to do, don’t worry. We’re going to make it easy for you. But we just wanted to give you an idea about how these guys set themselves up for mega-wealth creation.

And as you’ll soon find out, our top two investment recommendations fit these criteria like a glove. They definitely take advantage of megatrends and technology that could literally change the world as we know it. Yet most people, even top Wall Street analysts, have never heard of these emerging technology companies.

But the train is indeed leaving the station. Our Russian genius is hard at work earning his money – already forcing the price of his company’s stock up over 4 times in the past few months. And our favorite little biotech company could perfect the “black death” vaccine any day now. Remember, these little “gold mines” can easily return at least 90 times your money in the coming few years. But they also could rocket up 10-20 times your money in the next few months.

OK, now here’s how we’re going tototally negatethose VC advantages:

VC Non-Advantage No. 1:Lots of Money

We’ve already given you a taste of two VC-style investments we are recommending. One is selling for less than a buck, and the other for just over $2. So you don’t need lots of money to get in on these VC-style deals.

VC Non-Advantage No. 2: Seeing the Good Ideas First

We’re going to take care of that for you. In fact, let’s talk about that right now.

Imagine for a moment if you could have your own, personal venture capitalist working for you. In other words, what would it be like if you could actuallyhireone of these ingenious VC guys, to have him at your beck and call? Someone who would spend virtually all his time for you, researching these special situations, using his highly specialized skills to separate the “bombs” from the “bombshells.”

Incidentally, we talked to a good friend of ours just recently. This guy has actually worked with VCs before on a few deals.

Our friend told us that the truth is these guys are some of the most arrogant SOBs he’s ever met. They won’t even give you the time of day if you don’t have at least $10 million to invest. And they snicker at anything less than $100 million.

What if there were someone who could totally “level the playing field” for you with the VCs, giving youdirect accessto the universe of these emerging technology ideas, minimizing your risk as much as possible, while requiring not millions of dollars, butonly a few thousand at the very most?

Finally, what if you could hire this person at atiny fractionof what it would cost to buy the services of the fat-cat VCs?

Now You Can Have Your Own “Virtual” Venture Capitalist

Well, now there’s a way to get access to your own “virtual” venture capitalist. You can participate in these VC-style deals with just a few dollars at risk, while snagging the possibility of huge, home run returns! And without spending hours and hours of grueling, boring analysis to ferret out the “best of the best” situations.

Before we introduce you to our “virtual” venture capitalist, how do some of these investment returns sound?:

  • PowerChannel (PWRC: OTCBB), makers of an Internet access product, gave us more than 371% in less than 2 months during the winter of 2003-2004. That’s almost 4 times the money in a few weeks
  • Semotus Solutions Inc. (DLK: AMEX), software manufacturers for mobile business connection applications, jumped over 244% for us in just 51 days. That’s over 2 times the money returned as net gain in less than 2 months
  • Anatolia Minerals Development Ltd. (ANO: TSE), a mining company that taps underutilized Turkish mineral deposits, yielded us gains of over 185% from 2002-2004. Three times the money.

Other plays include a 141% gain in around 10 months, a 321% return in three months, plus solid picks that have yielded an average of 70% in 60 days or less.

You see, there is a small, undiscovered niche of companies that are flying under the radar of most money managers and stock analysts. These companies are truly “diamonds in the rough” – companies that, when unearthed, could easily supply these VC-style mouth-watering investment returns.

We call the stocks of these companies “Transformational Technology Stocks.” This is because they have the capability to change the world in some areas. And we are not talking about just a small, marginal change. Hardly.

These Stocks Have the Potential to Create or Overturn a Whole New Industry – Sometimes Several!

Is this starting to sound familiar? These companies are exactly the ones that the venture capitalistsscour the worldto find.

But it gets even better…

The Three Secrets to Scoring an Unfair Advantage Over the Venture Capitalists

This undiscovered niche of companies actually will provide you anunfair advantageover venture capitalists.

Here’s why:

  • These companies are publicly traded – meaning you can buy and sell them at any time. (Venture capitalists are typically locked in for 5-7 years on their startup investments).
  • Due to a recent federal law, the officers and directors of these small public companies are forced to tell the truth about their companies to investors, or risk jail terms for lying. (Venture capitalists get far less reliable information when backing a startup company, sometimes relying on “gut feel”… and even LUCK!)
  • These companies are usually less expensive than when they were private. (Brought public by venture capitalists, these former highflyers have come down to earth, usually due to some temporary, one-time event. However, the mind-boggling potential of the company has not changed!)

So the next question in your mind might be: “OK, this is great information. But how in the world am I supposed to FIND these types of companies?”

Obviously, it would take a highly skilled person to ferret out these unknown, potentially world-changing companies. It would take someone intimately familiar with the “venture capitalist game.” And it would befantasticif that person had “up close and personal” knowledge of the technologies these companies want to bring to the world.

Well, we are elated to tell you we have found that person.

Meet Jonathan Kolber, the “Beethoven of Venture Capitalists”

Jonathan Kolber is a self-confessed technology “geek.”

For over 20 years, he has lived and breathed technology. It’s stunning, actually, how long Jonathan has been totally immersed in the technology world, almost like a lopsided, addicted savant. Just like Beethoven was with his music.

What makes Jonathan unique, though, is he has worked “both sides of the fence.” Not only has he been a topnotch technology analyst, but he has worked the venture investing side too.

He had a hand in developing some of the life-changing products and services you may have even used yourself. For example:

  • He started the company that developed the patented technology behind those limited-use Disney DVDs that national chains like 7-Eleven and Papa John’s are selling
  • He co-founded a company with the man who invented the world’s toughest lock. Used by the Federal Reserve, it safeguards stuff so hush-hush that only Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan carries the key!

But a few years ago, Jonathan switched from developing new technologies to investing in and consulting for, these small, dynamic companies with patented, high-barrier-to-entry, cutting-edge technologies with explosive futures. (That’s how he discovered the “super-nuclear company.” They hired him to write a proposal to a billionaire!)

What does that have to do with your financial future? Plenty.

How to Gain yet Another Unfair Advantage Over the Traditional Venture Capitalist

With Jonathan on your side, you have the “best of all worlds”:

  • You have a world-class venture capital analyst looking after YOUR interests, NOT the interests of the fat cat original investors of a VC-style startup, who sometimes gouge the investing public on the original IPO (initial public offering) of the stock. In fact, Jonathan does just the opposite. He performs massive due diligence, making sure you only get the highest-profit-potential, insanely undervalued deals possible. His intense research produces gains to you month after month. The SARS-crusher biotech stock, selling for a tad over two bucks and a “90 times your money” potential, is a good case in point
  • You have someone intimately familiar with the patented technologies of these companies and their breathtaking potential. For example, only a handful of people in the world understand the operations of a certain biotech company working on the eradication of human diseases. Jonathan does, and has produced a 304.22% return (so far) from that company. (The company has invited him for a visit. It’s located in a tiny country far overseas, and he’s going there next month. That’s his level of commitment.) This lack of understanding by the public at large can be easily exploited for future possible “4 times your money” returns in your portfolio
  • You have someone focused on the entire spectrum of the emerging, revolutionary technology world. (Most venture capitalists are forced to focus on just 1-3 areas of technology). Jonathan has produced gains from many different areas of emerging technology, including a 91.83% return from a space science company, a 43.64% return on a stroke-preventing medical products company, a 38.93% return on a pharmaceutical company with drugs to prevent seven major medical ailments – and more. His “across the board” knowledge will allow you to position your portfolio in “right place at the right time,” “10 times your money” special situations
  • Because of this perspective, you have someone who can think three, four, even 10 moves ahead of the other players in the VC game. Like a world-class chess champion playing against a club amateur. Jonathan is indeed unique in that regard, having played “both sides of the fence,” as a venture capitalist and an equity analyst. It’s like having your own investment team, running on all cylinders to produce megagains for your portfolio
  • And finally, and probably most importantly of all, you have someone who can tell which of these companies are obscenely undervalued and are right on the verge of exploding in price! Remember, one of Jonathan’s current recommendations is selling for pennies on the dollar. That one is up 435.29% so far, and it’s just getting warm. Five times your money, and it’s barely out of the starting gate? Come on! Time to get on board!

Jonathan will navigate this mine field of high-risk, high-reward opportunities for you, cherry-picking only the “best of the best” companies and side-stepping the “bombs” that will explode in your face, rather than in price.

Putting on his venture capitalist hat, Jonathan will unearth the hot tech gems earmarked for smash successes, by using his time-tested methods for analyzing the three elements every successful startup company must have

  1. A sound business plan
  2. A dynamic, visionary management team
  3. Most importantly, a truly revolutionary, life-changing (but marketable) technology.

But that’s just a start. Lots of companies have one or two of these characteristics, or maybe even all three. Jonathan then takes one more step.

He doffs his VC hat and puts on his equity analyst cap. Poring over the financials of each company, he chooses only the ones that are grossly undervalued based on the value of the technology and other assets. (In some of them, the technology is practically free.) These are companies that, if just part of their “story” is discovered by the investment community, their stock just mightskyrocket 1,000%, 2,000% or even 10,000% in price!

Get Your Hands on These Two Free Special Reports

In a moment, we’ll let you know how you can get your hands on these twofreeSpecial Reports.


The first is entitled The Technology Stock of the Decade – Buy This $1 Stock Now, and You Could Watch It Shoot up to $10 a Share in Just a Few Years. This report tells the complete story of the mega-wealth-producing company our Russian genius inventor is spearheading.

And the second report is entitled The Only Company to Crush SARS Declares War on the Next Black Death – Buy Now Before Its Stock Price Explodes. Read the incredible story of the tiny biotech company about to change the world for the better.

Each report is formatted exactly as a real venture capitalist would like to see it. Every shred of important data about the company – its management, its market potential and the background of the world-changing technology the company owns – is clearly described in each report.

Think of these reports as “For Your Eyes Only” private dossiers. Imagine yourself as a true VC as you pore over every detail in these reports, deciding for yourself if this situation is worthy of your hard-earned dollars.

These two special situations have the highest investment potential of anything Jonathan has ever discovered. But, as Jonathan used to say when he taught at the prestigious Carlson School of Management, you don’t want to put all your money in just two “baskets.” You need to spread your money over several situations, to minimize risk.

Here are a few other explosive situations Jonathan has discovered…

Make 50 Times Your Money as This “Nordic Miracle Worker” Unlocks the Secrets of Life and Conquers Seven of the Major Human Medical Ailments

This little-known Icelandic company is about to turn the practice of medicine upside down.

You see, throughout the centuries, medical treatment has started with the patient’s symptoms and worked backward. The doctor examines the patient, asking a lot of questions, and tries to arrive at a “disease pattern” which fits the data. The doctor then treats the disease or ailment that fits that pattern. Obviously, this can be a hit-or-miss approach.

The company has already designed solutions to seven of the major ailments plaguing mankind: heart attack, arteriosclerosis, stroke, asthma, obesity, type 2 diabetes and schizophrenia. If any one of these drug solutions becomes mainstream, this little company could leap from its current value of $400 million into the tens of billions. Do the math  – that’s a“50 times your money”return.

The Amazing Money Machine – Make 9 Times Your Money on a Company That Warren Buffett Would Drool Over

As kids, some of us dreamed of an Amazing Money Machine. You would insert a dollar bill, turn a crank, and dozens of dollar bills would spill out of the other side.

Jonathan has discovered a company that comes very close to having this technology.

According to the prestigious market research firm, International Data Corp., other companies using this technology are consistently realizing up to $9 for every dollar invested – a potential 800% return on investment. Jonathan forecasts a similar return for early investors in this company’s stock.

What’s this company’s secret?

It has patented software technology to unravel, understand and engineer the world of pharmaceutical discovery.

What exactly does this mean? It means that companies can use this highly specialized modeling software to bring new drug discoveries to market in months, rather than years.

And it has an incredible 44% of its value in cash. A value investor’s dream.

Potential return on investment? A conservative9 times your money.

But wait. It gets even better. Like so many of Jonathan’s deals, there’s a “hidden value” bonus. You see, this same technology is proving to be essential in designing things for the Nanotechnology Revolution! This company’s virtual monopoly (Jonathan just loves emerging monopoly companies) should be worth billions!

Buy the Company That Solved the “Final Problem” of Perfect Vision Correction – and Make at Least 10 Times Your Money

This company has perfected vision correction. Custom LASIK is unique to each and every eye. It achieves vision of 20/20 or better in practically every case. It never causes “halos” or night vision problems. In fact, it reduces these kinds of problems. But until now, custom LASIK was using a knife to cut the eye. People don’t like that.

By eliminating the knife, this company has solved the final problem, the missing piece of the vision puzzle. It’s figured out how to instead use a laser. And it turns out there’s a huge hidden benefit…

You see, up until now, it has never been possible to correct human vision better than 20/20. Sure, you had a few random cases that went to 20/15, or even 20/10. But those situations were flukes.

It turns out the laser is far more accurate than the knife. The benefit? It’s now possible to correct vision back to 20/15 consistently. This has opened up entirely new markets. Hordes of people in occupations needing acute vision, such as pilots and athletes, will be candidates for this procedure.

And people needing “better than perfect” vision are starting to line up to receive the procedure. Jonathan estimates that within five years, as this procedure becomes mainstream, the company will receive about $1 billion a year in revenues. That would provide current investors a“10 times your money”return.

By the way, Jonathan was the first venture analyst in the world to recognize that this company’s market transcends vision correction and moves into vision enhancement. He was also the first we know of to recommend shares in the only company with a solution to PCBs, a deadly environmental problem. And we could go on….

So what types of companies can produce these gargantuan returns? Based on the mega-wealth-producing VCs’ experience, there is only one area of possibility.

The Emerging Capital Report: The Only Possible Area for Producing the Largest, Legal Creation of Wealth on the Planet

Venture capitalists come in the full range of sexes, temperaments, shapes and sizes. But they all agree on one thing:

The only possible area for creating these world-changing, mega-wealth-producing companies is in the area ofearly-stage emerging technology.


Obviously, the area of early-stage emerging technology is where we want to be.

And Jonathan Kolber just happens to be obsessed with that area of investing!

In his own words:

“I just love technology. I will admit it. I am obsessed, which makes it easy for me to remain focused and dedicated (it isn’t really a job for me, more like a compulsion) to the one slice of the investment universe that’s driven me every waking moment for the past 20-some years: emerging technology.”

This is a man who went to Hawaii for a technology conference and had no interest in the cerulean waters and sun-dappled beaches until after he had milked every new idea out of the conference.

How to Take Advantage of Jonathan’s Obsession

We are thrilled to announce that Jonathan has agreed to release the results and benefits of his “obsession” to the investing public, via a brand-new monthly advisory called The Emerging Capital Report.

Each month inThe Emerging Capital Report,Jonathan will spoon-feed you a complete analysis of at least one of these dynamic, about-to-explode-in-price emerging technology companies.

You’ll discover information that you won’t find anywhere else, facts that are borderline “insider information.” But don’t worry, these insights and tips are totally legal!

You’ll get all the information that you would ever need to make an intelligent decision to invest in one of these high-risk, high-reward companies. The exact information a venture capitalist would grill company management over to make a multimillion-dollar decision on whether or not to fund the company’s startup.

Invest just 20 minutes a month to take advantage of over20 years of Jonathan’s knowledge and experience. After reading the newsletter for 20 short minutes a month, you’ll be many times more savvy than even the brightest of the bright investment journalists, and light years ahead of our investment friends. They’ll be scratching their heads in wonder as you make mountain-size returns from these so-called “scary, unknown” companies.

Again, in Jonathan’s own words:

“You see, what I’ve learned in more than two decades of making a living in emerging technology is this: Given the right kind of information early enough, anyone with a few thousand to invest can capitalize on the kinds of returns only venture capitalists and their investment banker brethren ever get to see. All it takes are the right facts at the right time – and the ability to see where the technology is taking us. Profits are sure to follow.”

In other words, the ability to think like a venture capitalist.

Bottom line, with Jonathan as your guide, you’ll have your own virtual venture capitalist looking out for your personal investment interests.

Sound good?

If you decide to become a subscriber toThe Emerging Capital Reporttoday and let Jonathan Kolber add venture capitalist flavor to publically traded recommendations, you can start thinking of the reports as your own venture capital advisory. You’ll also have instant access to twofreeSpecial Reports (actual private, “For Your Eyes Only” dossiers of VC-style data).

In these Special Reports, you’ll be thoroughly brought up to speed on the two incredible opportunities we’ve already discussed. You’ll have intimate knowledge of these deals, with the same kind of information to make an investment decision that the most astute, demanding venture capitalists would require.

The Emerging Capital Report: So How’s Jonathan Done so Far?

Amazingly well, actually.

Just recently, Emerging Capital Report readers have been treated to gains of 91.83%, 280.28%, 423.53%, etc. Jonathan has scored home run after home run for his readers, including the special situations we mentioned earlier.

Here’s a taste of some of Jonathan’s current holdings:

  • The groundbreaking company on the cutting edge of rocket and missile development, which could hold the key to our future military defense systems! Potential gains? 10-20 times your money.
  • The micro-sized biotechnology company, already holding over 170 individual patents worldwide, on the verge of cracking the code of several types of human diseases. Potential gains? 50 times your money.
  • The medical device company with a new device that delivers critically-needed medicine directly to the heart! Half a million people die in the United States each year with coronary artery disease. This tiny company will alleviate that problem. Potential gains? 10 times your money.
  • The only company in the world with a vaccine that safely cures cocaine addiction. Cocaine addiction is estimated to cost the U.S. economy over $155 billion. Imagine the effect on this micro-company’s bottom line when it gets FDA approval for this vaccine. And that may happen very soon. Potential gains? 217 times your money.
  • Global warming? Not a problem. This tiny company has technology that not only will help solve the whole global warming issue by cutting CO2 emissions at the source, but it also has the only viable solution to one of the world’s worst ground contamination problems. Take either problem – the solution could be worth billions to this miniscule company. Potential gains? 30 times your money in 18 months.
  • The company whose technology NASA picked for the Mars Rover now has developed a silent, odorless boat motor that can actually gain power as it travels! Potential gains? 10 times your money short-term, much more longer-term.
  • The tiny company some have called the “new Intel” (Jonathan knew the founder of Intel) with transformational technology that may just destroy multitrillion-dollar industries, creating entirely new ones in its wake. Intel went from a company worth $474 million in 1975 to $144 billion today. Will lightning strike twice? Potential gains? 200 times your money.
  • The company producing a supplement invented by a nominee for the Nobel Prize in medicine that appears to actually add healthy years to your life. Recently featured in a very favorable ABC Primetime special, it just inked a huge distribution deal with a 2,400-store retail chain. (How did Jonathan learn about this company before the rest of the world? He’s been friends with the founder for years.) How will this company’s bottom line be affected when the word gets out? Potential gains? 60 times your money.
  • The small company that’s about to eliminate spam once and for all. Spam is the junk mail of the 21st century, costing billions of dollars in lost productivity around the world each day. This company’s secret? Unlike all other defective spam control systems out there, this company eliminates against the spam disease, rather than just treating it. Potential gains? 30 times your money.

Finally, there are the two companies we’ve already mentioned that are so incredible we had to create Special Reports to go into the intricate detail required to fully explain their almost unbelievable potential. And as you’ll see in a moment, those reports can be yoursfor free!

As you can see, any one of these stocks has the potential for 10, 20 and even 200 times your money and more.

But let’s just say that you act on 10 of our recommendations. And let’s say that eight are total wipeouts, one doubles your money and one is a “knock the ball out of the park” home run, returning 30 times your investment.

For simplicity’s sake, say you put $10,000 into the portfolio, with $1,000 in each stock. Under our scenario, $8,000 is wiped out, the double goes to $2,000, and the 30-bagger gives you $30,000, plus the $1,000 you started out with.

So even in this dire scenario, you would be left with $33,000, or more than 3 times the money you had to begin with!

OK, enough “what ifs.”

Here’s how to get access to Jonathan immediately…

How to Let Jonathan Kolber Become Your Own “Virtual” Venture Capitalist

By subscribing toThe Emerging Capital Report,you will instantly become part of Jonathan’s exclusive Inner Circle of clients. He will become your own virtual venture capitalist, and will start letting you in on these VC-type investment deals.

Here’s what you get as a charter subscriber toThe Emerging Capital Report:

  • 12 issues of The Emerging Capital Report, with detailed analysis of at least one new emerging technology company whose stock looks on the verge of creating potentially many times your money, the kind the VCs line up to buy. Each issue reads like a “For Your Eyes Only” private dossier, containing the crucial information and data a real venture capitalist would require before making an investment
  • Million-Dollar Special Report No. 1: The Technology Stock of the Decade: Buy This $1 Stock Now, and You Could Watch It Shoot up to $10 a Share in Just a Few Years – This report reads like a James Bond movie. Imagine a Russian physicist risking his life, fleeing to America 30 years ago with some important inventions to his name. (A daring last-minute train switch was involved. We kid you not.) He starts a highly successful company, becomes a multimillionaire, and then joins this company for no salary. Why would he do this? Because of the almost unlimited potential of this amazing little company. It has technology that may stop Osama bin Laden’s nuclear plan in its tracks, the ability to produce microscopic batteries and a $60 billion dollar solution for the U.S. government to get rid of billions of gallons of radioactive water. You’ll be hanging on every word of this incredible report!
  • Million-Dollar Special Report No. 2: The Only Company to Crush SARS Declares War on the Next Black Death – We’re sitting on a ticking time bomb. It could literally be life-threatening to everyone on the planet, and wipe out 5-10% of the world’s population. Think SARS is bad? This new “super-flu” makes SARS look like a bad cold. Fortunately, this tiny company not only has the ability to wipe out SARS, but is already in a unique partnership with China’s CDC and is closing in on a vaccine against the deadly super-flu. Profit potential? Think 6 billion doses at $5 a dose. And it even has a “hidden dividend” that will inevitably propel its stock price even further. Don’t miss a word of this shocking report!
  • Million-Dollar Special Bonus Report: Three Technologies That Will Transform the World…and Make You Rich in the Process – Finally, we’ll even throw in this very Special Bonus Report. Think back just a few years ago to some of your favorite science-fiction TV shows and movies. If you’re a baby boomer, you may be thinking about the original Star Trek, Ray Bradbury’s Fantastic Voyage or maybe even The Jetsons cartoon show. Remember when we were watching those shows, thinking to ourselves: “Wow! Wouldn’t it be neat if this stuff really were possible in the future?” Well, the future is here, my friends! This report details three areas of technology that will totally transform the world in the coming decades. Famous futurist Ray Kurzweil agrees with Jonathan that the world of 2105 will be as different from today as we are from 20,000 B.C. Here’s how to evaluate those technologies for possible investment to make your future a very pleasant and profitable one
  • Weekly e-mail alerts, giving you FREE analysis of the emerging technology markets, plus buy and sell recommendations you won’t find anywhere else
  • Special free bonus: As a “technology junkie,” Jonathan is given early access to some of the most exciting and useful new products. He shares these with the readers of The Emerging Capital Report once he’s satisfied himself that they work as promised
  • Access to our Members-Only Web Site, offering you a complete archive of The Emerging Capital Report and e-mail alerts, plus an up-to-date track record of our stock recommendations.

Your investment to become one of Jonathan’s Inner Circle clients is a mere $1,000 a year. Or you can lock into our low-price, convenient auto-renew service at just $260 per quarter.

Just think about one thing for a minute.

That $1,000 would maybe buy you lunch with a venture capitalist. That’s if you only paid for lunch! Remember, these guys won’t even look at you unless you have around $10 million in cash.

But here’s where we almost totally eliminate all risk for you…

Here It Is — Our Unheard-of, Never-Before-Done, 10-Times-Your-Money Guarantee…

Hopefully, you now see the extraordinary value of Jonathan Kolber andThe Emerging Capital Report.Nowhere else on the planet are you able to receive the exclusive attention of a VC-style investor totally looking out for your interests as he investigates the cutting-edge, world-changing emerging technologies of the 21st century. Jonathan is ready, willing and able to share his research with you.

However, if you still have any doubts about joining us, listen to this: We are so confident of Jonathan and his research that we are willing to make thishighly unusualguarantee.

Sign up for The Emerging Capital Report for one year. At any time during that year if you haven’t received at least one VC-style situation where you’ve made 10 times your money, simply ask for a refund, and you’ll get 100% of your money back. No hassles, no questions of any kind. And you can even keep all the Million-Dollar Special Reports, with our compliments. No traditional venture capitalist would let you off that easy, after revealing all his mega-wealth building ideas! Fair enough?

You may be asking yourself,“How can they do this? Aren’t they afraid of massive refunds?”Here’s how…

We think you’ll be so pleased with these recommendations, that even if you just made 9 times your money, or even a measly 5 times your money, you would not even think about asking for a refund. And those hefty gains would fund your investment in our services for many years to come.

Right now, you have the opportunity to be part of a truly unique investment advisory service. You get access to a bona-fide, real-life venture capital investor and analyst, at a tiny fraction of the usual cost. And you get to see, up close and personal, the details of the same kinds of early-stage emerging technology companies the VC guys crave. No other service on the planet can make the same claims.

The Emerging Capital Report: But This Service Is Not for Everybody

Finally, we must be frank. This service is definitely not for everybody.

This may hurt our business, but we have to be honest with you: This service is only for those who have the desire to learn about emerging capital situations, and if you choose to participate, the necessary risk capital to spread across several of these special situations, knowing that possibly six or seven out of 10 may do nothing, or go down drastically in value.

Of course, we’ll do everything in our power to keep that from happening, but we felt we needed to set your expectations right up front.

So let’s wrap this up.

The idea here is pretty simple…

You want to put a certain portion of your money into a place where it can grow into a fortune. And we’ve proved that the biggest “bang for your buck” is in early-stage emerging technology. That’s where the big-boy VCs go hunting.

This is a far cry from traditional “value” or even “growth” investing. You’re not looking to make a measly 20% with limited risk.

Nope. You’re investing in 10 companies, of which six or seven may go bust, two will grow your money and one will give you a 30-bagger – or more.

And when that one company makes you 30, 50 or 100 times your money, you walk away with FAR more money than most value, growth and even commodity investorsCOMBINED.

Don’t let this unusual, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass you by. Sign up as a Member toThe Emerging Capital Reportand let Jonathan Kolber put you on the road to venture capitalist-style wealth, starting tomorrow morning.

Sincerely yours,


James Boric
Publisher,The Emerging Capital Report
August 17, 2005

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