Death of a spy -- and Putin's energy grab

The mysterious death in London of the former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko is about a whole lot more than just spy-vs.-spy intrigue, according to Dan Amoss of Strategic Investment.

In my opinion, the main investment angle relating to this story is the
re-emergence of Russian nationalism and totalitarianism. Putin's hubris is
being manifested in the oil patch. Western capitalists are under the
impression that Russia will ramp oil production in response to our desire
for more supply. From what I'm reading, Russian energy infrastructure is in
far worse shape than is widely perceived (all the more reason to buy Strategic Investment's most recent stock pick).

This James Bond-esque story adds to the body of evidence that Russian
government policy is taking on the characteristics of organized crime.

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And then there's the whole issue of the stranglehold Russia has over the European Union when it comes to natural gas.  The EU counts on Russia for nearly half of its gas — a subject likely to come up at today's NATO meetings in Latvia (held right on Putin's doorstep, which will do nothing to allay that nationalism and totalitarianism Dan's talking about).

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