Mobs, Messiahs and Markets: Surviving the Public Spectacle in Finance and Politics
by: Bill Bonner and Lila Rajiva


In Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets, Bonner and freelance journalist Lila Rajiva use literary economics to offer broader insights into mass behavior and its devastating effects on society. Why is it, they ask, that perfectly sane and responsible individuals can get together, and by some bizarre alchemy turn into an irrational mob? What makes them trust charlatans and demagogues who manipulate their worst instincts? Why do they abandon good sense, good behavior and good taste when an empty slogan is waved in front of them. Why is the road to hell paved with so many sterling intentions? Why is there a  fool on every corner and a knave in every public office? They answer each question in due course…and give you a crucial view of the world of finance and politics. Pick up your copy today!

Empire of Debt: The Rise Of An Epic Financial Crisis
by: Bill Bonner and Addison Wiggin

Empire of DebtIn no-nonsense prose, Empire of Debt confronts critical concerns about the position of the United States as the world’s leading economy and great military might. For many years, the United States has been the country from which others sought advice, money, and a high return on investment. At the same time, Uncle Sam has descended from being the world’s largest creditor to its greatest debtor. Why the paradox? The team that conceived the international bestseller Financial Reckoning Day offers the first in-depth look at how Americans abandoned sound traditions of economic freedom, personal liberty, and fiscal restraint, favoring instead government control of the economy, unfettered deficit spending, gluttonous consumption, and fearless military adventurism, all of which have ravaged the business environment, devastated personal balance sheets, and led the global economy to the brink of financial crisis. The authors argue there will be a dramatic change in the economic power of the United States in the coming years that will inevitably impact every American. Understanding this is critical for everyone, from lawmakers and corporate leaders to investors seeking safe places to invest retirement funds. Despite the serious topic, the authors’ irreverent style entertains as they find humor in a precarious financial situation. Order your copy today.

Financial Daily Reckoning: Surviving The Soft Depression Of The 21st Century
by: Bill Bonner and Addison Wiggin

Financial Reckoning Day “History shows that people who save and invest grow and prosper, and the others deteriorate and collapse. As Financial Reckoning Day demonstrates, artificially low interest rates and rapid credit creation policies set by Alan Greenspan and the Federal Reserve caused the bubble in U.S. stocks of the late ’90s. . . . Now, policies being pursued at the Fed are making the bubble worse. They are changing it from a stock market bubble to a consumption and housing bubble. And when those bubbles burst, it’s going to be worse than the stock market bubble . . . No one, of course, wants to hear it. They want the quick fix. They want to buy the stock and watch it go up twenty-five percent because that’s what happened last year, and that’s what they say on TV.” —Jim Rogers, author of the bestseller Adventure Capitalist.

The Demise of the Dollar…and Why It’s Great For Your Investments
by Addison Wiggin

The Demise of the Dollar “Our long history of economic power and wealth is being eroded from within,” writes Addison Wiggin, and the result will be reduced foreign investment, slow foreign demand for U.S. goods, and unfavorable currency exchange rates. A heavy debt burden, the trade deficit, and structural imbalances have created an unstable dollar bubble, and according to Wiggin, it’s not a matter of if the bubble will burst, but when. That’s the bad news. The good news is that hidden investment opportunities are waiting behind the weakening dollar. In The Demise of the Dollar… and Why It’s Great for Your Investments Wiggin offers advice to readers looking to capitalize on this reality; specifically, he encourages investing in precious metals, tangible resources, and some select foreign markets.

The Bull Hunter: Tracking Today’s Hottest Investments
by: Dan Denning

The Bull Hunter The Bull Hunter is a personal road map to making big money in the days ahead–retirement-level wealth that only early investors can enjoy. Influential global market analyst Dan Denning reveals what readers can unearth exceptional short- and long-term profit opportunities. He outlines numerous techniques to mine raging bull markets and extraordinary profits in emerging countries, sectors, industries, and companies that are just beginning to flourish. He also shows readers how to protect themselves from disastrous risks, get in on the stocks of hard-asset companies, profit from the fastest growing economies in the world, and more. The Bull Hunter shows readers how, with simple trades they can make with a phone call to their broker, their investment performance and profits will jump today, tomorrow, and over the next decade.

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