Preview of coming attractions?

People in Sydney urged to prepare for the worst:

Residents of Australia's biggest city, Sydney, have been urged to pack a survival kit to prepare for a terrorist attack or a natural disaster.

The local authority wants people to put together an emergency "Go-Bag", including maps, food and a radio.

Officials have denied the campaign is a government attempt to create fear and enhance national security credentials ahead of elections due later this year.

Just passing it along so you're not surprised if something similar happens here in, say, a year from now.

Here's the best part, which will no doubt go down as Australia's version of duct-tape-and-plastic-sheeting:

There is also a helpful suggestion for cat owners, who have been told that if disaster does strike they can carry their pet in a cotton pillowcase.

Until they claw their way out, of course.

Not noted in the article is whether Sydney has drawn up an evacuation plan so that there's some semblance of an orderly exit from the city.  If there's not, that pretty much gives away a political motivation right there.  In any event…

Sydney's Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, has brushed aside the criticism.

She said that cities had to be aware of the threats posed by militant groups and climate change.

The mayor has admitted, however, that she is yet to pack her own emergency survival kit.

Do as we say, not as we do.

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