US Debt on the Shoulders of 90 Million People

Now that the federal government’s fiscal year ended on September 30 and they had to “square up” their accounting, we find some very interesting things, if you will forgive the use of the phrase “very interesting” when I should have used the more descriptive Poop In Your Pants Scary (PIYPS).

One of these PIYPS things is that the one-year increase in the national debt, thanks to the unbelievable fiscal insanity of the deficit-spending Obama administration and the corrupt and moronic Congress, which is not to mention the monstrous monetary insanity of the loathsome Federal Reserve creating so much new money for them to borrow that inflation in prices will destroy us all. It is now revealed that in FY 2010, the national debt rose $1.72 trillion! In one year!

The government, of course, only counts $1.3 trillion of this as “deficit spending,” but nevertheless, $420 billion more debt somehow appeared from somewhere to equal the $1.72 trillion increase in the national debt in one year.

The sheer staggering size of this incredibly enormous $1.72 trillion in borrowed money spent by the federal government is more than all the $1.3 trillion the government collected in personal and corporate taxes!

And remember that this $1.72 trillion is just the deficit-spending, and we are not even including the gigantic $3.5 trillion federal budget for 2010! Gaaaahhhh! We’re Freaking Doomed (WFD)!

If you are thinking that we are NOT doomed by astonishing long-term Congressional fiscal irresponsibility and Federal Reserve monetary treachery, then perhaps you will change your mind if I came over there, hauled you up out of that seat and slapped your face repeatedly until you got some smarts, which usually happens to most people pretty fast, usually about the time I reach out and grab them by the throat so that I can keep their heads from moving around while I am administering a therapeutic dose of Mister Slappy.

There are, of course, a lot of logistical problems associated with my kind, generous Mr. Slappy offer, not the least of which is that, after awhile, my hands would get really sore from the slap, slap, slapping. Ow!

This is why I am going to try to achieve the same “get smart” effect by using my new Mogambo Pedantic Method (MPM) of using real, “it’s going to happen to you” horror to terrorize and shock you into a huge fight-or-flight response, flooding your system with enough adrenaline and other save-your-butt biological hormones and doodads to make your central nervous system more receptive to threatening stimuli.

What threatening stimuli? Well, just the federal budget deficit – alone! – means that each, each, EACH of the 90 million American private-sector workers in the Whole Freaking Country (WFC) must produce enough profit by their labors (as they are the only workers who can actually make a profit from their labors) to pay down another $18,889 in federal debt accumulated over the last year!

And this crushing new debt burden comes on top of these sad, selfsame, sorry 90 million private-economy workers making enough to pay the painful principal-and-interest payments to support their $150,000 share of the $13.5 trillion national debt already in existence!

And this staggering load of debt is, with only some exaggeration, barely enough to even Scratch The Surface (STS) of all the debt that is owed, where $60 trillion is the total of all private debts on top of the national debt, and (staggeringly) all of it relying totally on these same few 90 million people being so immensely productive and profitable that everyone, literally, benefits.

The kicker is that they are supposed to do this on an average household income of $54,000 a year! Hahahaha!

If you are, like me, already raging from an overload of adrenaline in your system generated by the sheer, mortal horror of all of this, then leave it to the Mighty, Mighty Mogambo (MMM) to administer a sedative that will make you smile: Buy gold, silver and oil!

With them you will protect yourself from the federal government’s apparent plan to destroy you by turning the dollar into worthless crap, and it’s so easy to do that you, too, will rejoice as do I, shouting loud huzzahs to the beautiful, blue sky, specifically, “Whee! This investing stuff is easy!”

The Mogambo Guru
for The Daily Reckoning

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