Total Government Leads to Total Misery

Am I speaking or writing about the War of Northern Aggression, incorrectly called the ‘Civil War’? Not on your life. I am talking about North and South Korea, and North and South Rhodesia. America is rapidly approaching the condition of North Korea and Zimbabwe, which used to be Southern Rhodesia.. Look at the absolute facts, and shudder.

North Korea is total government, as is Zimbabwe, or any other totalitarian state. Zimbabwe used to be Southern Rhodesia. Southern Rhodesia had thousands of individually owned, prosperous farms. Southern Rhodesia exported food, and was an extremely rich, white ruled, free nation. It became independent from Britain in 1965. It was bordered by Zambia, (Northern Rhodesia, which was never free), Mozambique, (formerly a Portuguese colony), and Botswana. In 1978, after years of incredible pressure from the United Nations, Rhodesian President Ian Smith, signed an agreement with three black African leaders, with the promise of white protection. Fat chance. That sealed the doom of Rhodesia. I can still hear Smith begging for help from the free world, as his nation was being overrun, smothered and ruined, but there was no help. Rhodesia became Zimbabwe, and with it, total government, poverty, deforestation, inflation, murder, and seizing of white farms. Total government, in short, took what used to be prosperous Rhodesia, and turned it into total poverty, no freedom, and actual slavery. Whites are gone, as are their farms, which have been divided up and given to blacks, ‘who needed them.’ Whites are also gone or leaving South Africa after being murdered and their farms and businesses seized.

North Korea, as opposed to South Korea, is the difference between night and day. North Koreans are starving, regimented, murdered, and live in abject poverty. North Korea does not lack natural resources, farm land, rain and sunshine, but it has total government. Total government has enslaved, and is literally starving the populace. South Korea makes things, sells things, and is happy and prosperous. South Korea’s government is miniscule, compared to America’s, and that’s why Korean cars are excellent, and lots of things are made and exported in and from South Korea.

In 1935, Amos Pinchot wrote that, “Today the nations in the world may be divided into two classes. The nations in which the government fears the people, and the nations in which the people fear the government.” And that sentence speaks volumes.

When America was founded, the government was at the will of the citizens and states. Today, central government in Washington D.C., with thousands of branches and bureaucrats everywhere, are ruling us, rather than us ruling them. We are afraid of government, whereas government should be afraid of us. It isn’t, and thus we have the addendum to the health care bill, which was passed without a single Republican vote, part of which says that any sale over $600 must be reported on a 1099 form to the IRS, beginning Jan 1st, 2012.

This is fantasy, as far as I can see. Buy a new refrigerator and get a 1099? Buy a new sofa and get a 1099? Buy lots of groceries at one time and get a 1099? Buy a new or used car and get a 1099? Transmission job and get a 1099? How about a yard sale of a $600 something or other? Buy a row boat or canoe and get a 1099? Buy or sell a single Gold Eagle and get a 1099? Millions of forms flooding the IRS, and thousands of new employees to handle them? In addition to the 17,000 new IRS employees to search out everyone to be sure they have health insurance? That would make the IRS probably the largest bureaucracy in D.C. It’s simply too absurd to contemplate. There’s already a bill in Congress to delete this provision of the health care bill, and why not get rid of the whole thing? When idiotic Congress does a 2,000 page bill, and inserts a provision in it, without even a particle of thinking; obviously it must be deleted, or we will become a slave state almost overnight! This absurdity doesn’t take place till Jan 1st, 2012, and by that time, this provision will no longer exist, I am certain.

Which brings us back to North Korea and Zimbabwe, which have total government. As my son David’s bumper strips say, “Government is not the answer.” This fact is becoming quite obvious to millions of Americans, and we have the Tea Party as proof. The socialistic Democrats are scared to death of November, and I don’t blame them. They’ll do everything in their power to change America’s disgust with them, but hopefully it won’t work, because they’d all be lies.

We’re on the march, via Obama and his henchmen in Congress, towards total government, total poverty and enslavement, a la North Korea and Zimbabwe. We cannot allow this to happen. Why isn’t it so obvious to Democrats, that the more government we have, the less responsibility we have, the less prosperity we have, the less jobs we have, and the less freedom and happiness we have? It is as plain as the nose on their faces. Why should it be necessary to clean out Congress? The Democratic platform of 1924 read in part: “We demand that the states of the Union shall be preserved in all their vigor and power. They constitute a bulwark against the centralizing and destructive tendencies of the Republican party.” Got that? The Democrats were worried about the Republicans, back in 1924, and now just the opposite is true. In 1930, as part of a speech, FDR said, “The individual sovereignty of our states must be destroyed.” A lot changed in six years, and the change has stuck with the Democrats.

As I finish this; last week, an additional 464,000, for the first time filled out applications for relief. An average of 450,000 new un-employed each week! Week after week, people are still getting laid off. Who would hire someone today, with compulsory health care on the immediate horizon, paid by the employer? Who would hire anyone now, with a bureaucrat snooping over your shoulder at every turn, to be sure you obeyed the myriad laws regarding hiring someone? Who would attempt to run a business, in the most hostile government attitude towards business in history? Who would start a business if you had the possibility of filling out hundreds of 1099 forms and having an IRS agent checking everything but your blood pressure? Lame brained Congress just passed billions more in benefits for the unemployed, so why should anyone even look for a job, when they can get $500 a week in some places, for sitting on their duffs and watching inane TV? Writing this drivel, makes me sick. What has happened to America?

Don Stott
for Whiskey & Gunpowder

July 26, 2010

The Daily Reckoning