Titanium Metals Corporation (NYSE:TIE) - "On Fire" With Boeing Announcement

Titanium Metals Corporation (NYSE:TIE) is a Dallas-based titanium producer with facilities in the US and Europe. Recent reports have shown its shares being widely accumulated on heavy volume.

What’s motivating the activity? For the inside scoop, we check in for analysis from Chris Mayer, editor of Agora Financial’s Capital & Crisis newsletter:

“Titanium Metals (NYSE:TIE) has been on fire. The stock was up about 15% this week, and is now up about 90% since last August, a time when it was down and out. Our thesis was that the long-term demand for titanium for the next generation of aircraft was inevitably going to rise.

“This week, Boeing announced that it would be expanding production, and titanium stocks rallied. As one analyst from D.A. Davidson & Co. put it: ‘We believe the successful adoption of composites and titanium in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a game changer, as it will set the stage for significant future adoption and lead to significantly higher demand.’
“So the market is coming around to the idea, but there is still plenty of upside in the stock, as it’s still pretty early.”

According to Mayer, the long-term demand picture is positive and the recent news from Boeing is also a good sign. To get more details on Titanium Metals Corporation, and specific investment actions he recommends, you can visit the Agora Financial research page which includes more details on Capital & Crisis.

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Rocky Vega,
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