Think China vs. India

The U.S.’ potential conflict with Iran might pale in comparison to a fight brewing between China and India, says Chris Mayer. “This one doesn’t seem to get much attention in the Western media, but I’ve read some dire stuff from the Eastern media. By their lights, the Sino-Indian border hasn’t been this tense since 1986-87, when the skirmishes broke out between Indian and Chinese troops.

“The issue is a disputed border between the two. They fought a 32-day war over it in 1962. China emerged victorious, but the whole thing settled nothing. The border between the two remains hotly contested. It is nearly 2,500 miles long and winds its way across difficult mountainous terrain. There is a northeastern state in India called Arunachal Pradesh, which China calls “Southern Tibet” and claims as Chinese territory.

“India claims last year there were nearly 300 border violations by Chinese troops and over 2,000 instances of ‘aggressive border patrolling.’ In the Indian media, it’s become a kind of sport to guess when China will attack India. And a recent essay by a Chinese analyst added fuel to the fire when it claimed China could ‘dismember the so-called “Indian Union” with one little move.’

“What would the effects be? It’s hard to say. But if the world’s two largest and fastest- growing emerging markets go to war, the results can’t be good for the global economy. China is even India’s largest trading partner. It all depends on how it unfolds.”

Chris will be getting a frontlines view of this flash point over the next few weeks. He and our executive publisher Addison Wiggin will be scouting potential joint ventures in the UAE and India from this weekend until mid-October. For highlights, be sure to check your daily 5 Min. Forecast. But for the nitty-gritty — and actionable advice — keep your eyes open for our new BRIC report… it’ll be ready very soon.

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