The unfolding Iran propaganda blitz

Another puzzle piece has just been put in place for what could be a major propaganda push leading up to a U.S. attack on Iran.

For those of you just joining us, word got out of Washington last week — still unconfirmed, but darned plausible — that the Vice President's office has put out instructions for a major PR campaign "coordinated with the American Enterprise Institute, the Wall Street Journal, the Weekly Standard, Commentary, Fox, and the usual suspects" to be launched in conjunction with the sixth anniversary of 9/11 next Tuesday.

Well, look what's happening the day before that:  Ur-neocon Michael Ledeen has a new book coming out, with the subtle title of “The Iranian Time Bomb: The Mullah Zealots’ Quest for Destruction.”  Excerpts released so far reveal nothing new or startling, but rather the same-old same-old:  "This presidential administration or the next will likely face a terrible choice: appease a nuclear Iran, or bomb it before their atomic weapons are ready to go."

Undoubtedly, part of this propaganda blitz will include an essay lifted from the book on the WSJ editorial page and interviews on every major Fox News Channel program next week.  Considering Ledeen is the guy who may have had a direct hand in the forged documents claiming Saddam Hussein was seeking "uranium from Africa," this is serious stuff indeed.

Update:  Looks as if the blitz is already underway, or at least some preliminary rhetorical groundwork is being laid.

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