The Strong Hand of Silver

Toby Connor has an essay posted at with a title that I find very intriguing, namely “The Strong Hand Theory” because it sounds like it could be all sorts of terrific things, ranging from a new Sherlock Holmes mystery to “How to destroy brick buildings with a karate chop with your bare hand and impress girls!”

Unfortunately, Mr. Connor does not offer either any help in impressing girls by demolishing random commercial property, or entertainment with a story of the famous detective noticing the strength of a man’s handshake and goes brilliantly on from there to cleverly solving a murder mystery using mere wisps of clues, unlike the Securities and Exchange Commission that can’t even recognize blatant frauds even when they are repeatedly pointed out and the evidence is dumped on their desks.

It reminds me of how that little snot Arnold, from the accounting department, keeps showing my boss his stupid charts and stupid printouts that prove, so he says, that I am the worst employee the company has ever had, and my stupid boss wants to know if I can explain any of that, and I say, “Of course I can explain it! Arnold hates me, and he is a lying piece of crap that likes to hang around playgrounds and talk to cute little boys about joining the Nazi Party!” and of course Arnold, all flustered and upset, says, “That’s not true! None of it!”

Naturally, my back is against the wall, afraid to go home to face my wife and tell her that I have been fired from yet another job, I pressed the attack by replying, “That’s just what you filthy Nazi pedophile bastards always say! Fire him! Castrate him! Kill him!” which must have been a better retort than I thought, because he never brought it up again when I was in the room!

Anyway, this is not about Arnold, but that you, as an American, should be buying gold, silver and oil in response to the governments of the world, especially that of the USA, deficit-spending double-digit percentages of GDP, all financed by the central banks of the world creating the huge expansions in money, and how inflation in prices will soar in response to all of this new money, making gold, silver and oil go up in a huge, multi-decade hell of roaring inflation, starvation and murderous social discord, worse and worse, misery upon misery, until a Strong Hand arises to seize control of the world, and all people fall to their knees to worship The Mighty Mogambo (TMM)!

Okay, Mr. Connor did not say that, but since I am sure that gold, silver and oil will be worth whole multiples of their current prices, “the only way to lose money in a secular bull market is by trading” which is, as funny as it seems, pretty much exactly right!

And if you want to know the one investing strategy that always comes out best over the long-term when investing with a secular trend, it is Dollar Cost Averaging, a mindless system where you invest the same number of dollars each month, regardless of price.

And that is only part of the reason why I extol the virtues of the Mogambo Can’t Miss Portfolio (MCMP), loaded to the gunwales with gold, silver and oil, and, bristling with all the firepower that the Second Amendment allows, gives one the courage to say, “Whee! This investing stuff is easy!”

The Mogambo Guru
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