The safest way to own silver

If we're headed toward inflationary times, silver could be the place to be.  If nothing else, it's certainly more affordable ounce-for-ounce than gold.

Silver is hovering around $13 an ounce right now — barely a quarter of the all-time high set in 1980, and that's before you adjust for inflation.  If the current commodities boom has a few more years to run (and there's no reason to believe it won't), who knows where silver might go?

For years, the typical advice for investing in silver has amounted to this:  Buy a bag or two of "junk" silver coins — that is, dinged-up dimes, quarters, and half-dollars made before 1965, when the government's inflationary policies made the silver in the coins worth more than the face value, prompting a switch to copper-nickel coinage.

Now there's a safer, more convenient choice courtesy of our friends at Everbank.  And it's available for the very first time today.

It's the MarketSafe Silver Bullion CD.  Simply put, it's a five-year CD geared to the spot price of silver — but with FDIC-insured total downside protection.  If silver defies all common sense and falls in price, your principal is still completely safe.  And if silver heads upward, the gain is yours to keep.  Read all about it here.

Full disclosure:  Agora Financial has a business arrangement with Everbank that allows us to clue you in to offers like these before you see them elsewhere, and we may receive a fee if you open an account.  But we wouldn't tell you about this offer if we didn't believe it was an ideal way to invest in what could be one of the big trends of the coming years.

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