The Daily Reckoning Weekend Edition

Daily Reckoning

Weekend Edition

July 8-9, 2000

Paris, France

by Addison Wiggin


Friday, the market welcomed a Labor Department report
indicating fewer American businesses added jobs than
expected in June. Stocks rose strongly. The Dow finished up
154 for the day to close at 10,635 – an overall advance of
188 for the week. The Nasdaq also rejoiced – up 62 to
4023.20, recovering from losses earlier in the week. The
S&P 500 was up 22 to close at 1478. Advancing stocks
outnumbered declining ones by a 9-to-5 margin on the NYSE.

Pundits believe the Labor Dept. report is the clearest
evidence yet that the Federal Reserve is succeeding in its
efforts to help the market settle down. But is this a
‘synthetic’ soft landing? See below. The unemployment rate
is reported to have fallen to a near 30-year low of 4%.

Russell 2000: 528.22 up 4.90

Gold: $284.70 up $0.10

Crude Oil: $30.25, up $0.26

Natural Gas: $4.25, up $0.184

CRB Futures Index: 219.33, up 1.45 points


“The CRB began a recovery late Friday, after getting
crushed on Saudi news and Independence Day holiday
weakness. The Saudis unexpectedly said they’d increase
production another 500,000 barrels a day, about one-thirty-
eighth of U.S. crude oil demand at 19 million barrels a
day, sending the bull market in commodities on a two-day
vacation. Wednesday’s rout tanked the whole energy complex,
and took precious metals along for the ride. But for the
week the CRB finished up 0.66%, with gains in grains,
cotton, hogs and palladium.”

– Dan Ferris, Real Asset Investor


A Synthetic Soft Landing?

by Michael Belkin

Given the choice between an imaginary soft landing and a
real world crash, 95% of Wall Street would choose to
applaud phony government stats that reinforce their
fantasy. What happens when the truth comes to light?

Don’t Worry, Mr. Greenspan Will Fix Everything

by Dr. Kurt Richebacher

Judging by what is offered up by the media, it is safe to
conclude that elementary macroeconomic insights, such as
the essence and function of savings, are unknown to most
American economists.

The Internet’s Dirty Secret

by Dan Ferris

It’s the biggest commodity market in the biggest economy on
the globe… and most investor’s are looking the other way.
Huge Internet profits from the most unlikely Old Economy
stocks. The right one could build you a personal fortune.

Value Vindication in Asia

by Dr. Marc Faber

The crack in TMT stocks has made a lot of old uglies look
pretty again. Here are 5 Asian values poised for strong

Irrational Exuberance: Shiller’s Chilling Tale

by Lord William Rees-Mogg

The 18-year bull market has made the investing public –
almost to a man – long-term bulls. Yet, three 20-year
stretches in the last century saw near zero growth. All
followed periods of irrational exuberance.

And in case you missed it…


By Bill Bonner

07/07/00 DEMOCRACY

“…the history of the last two hundred years in America is
a history of the spread of democracy. The first people to
vote were the rich landowners. But as the franchise
broadened, the fatal flaw in the system, logical
consequences of democratic arithmetic, began to assert
themselves. As more and more people voted, the bigger and
more oppressive government power became…”


“…politics resembles markets. Politicians exploit low
motives and character weaknesses just as stockbrokers do.
They promise something for nothing. They count on the herd
instinct and the fear of missing out or being left behind.
They use the same empty blather…and hollow slogans….but
politics is fundamentally different from markets in that it
reinforces sin, rather than punishes it…”


“…what makes America special is the idea of independence
and liberty. The Declaration of Independence established
America as the first and only country in which the
individual was free and sovereign – free to go where he
chose and do as he pleased…without having to get the
permission of the ruling class. And the new country was
open to anyone and everyone who liked that idea…”


“…the Truths that were self-evident two centuries ago –
are now threats to the republic. People who believe in the
rights that were inalienable in the time of Jefferson –
such as the right to liberty and the right to bare arms to
maintain it – are seen as dangerous cultists. Try to assert
your right to ‘dissolve the bonds’ that tie you to Janet
Reno and the Clinton Administration and she will have you
shot in the back…”

07/03/00 QUE SERA SERA

“…emotions interfere with investment judgment (not to
mention everything else in life). Would we be better off
without them? Would the purely rational man be a superior
man? Maybe even the ‘new man’ of the Marxist


from Investor Intelligence Briefings,

Strategic Investment

“Oil riding high again. As you’ve no doubt noticed at the
gas pump, oil prices have risen dramatically in the past
six months. Many of the oil-rich central Asian countries,
which have huge untapped deposits, saw multinational oil
companies disinterested in their capacity when oil prices
were lower. Now, however, plans are under way to increase
production. Nowhere is that more apparent than in
Kazakhstan. The country plans to quadruple its oil output
over the next decade and to increase that output by 10%
this year to 33 million tons. Tengizchevroil, the joint
venture between Kazakhstan and Chevron, intends to raise
daily production at its huge Tengiz oilfield to 700,000
barrels per day by 2010.”

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