The Business Insider on "Doomsayers Who Just Won't Give Up"

Back in April, The Business Insider posted a piece entitled The Doomsayers Inherit The Earth describing how media surrounding the financial crisis pushed some bearish and contrarian perspectives into the spotlight. Bill Bonner was named in the original feature and he also appears in the reprised version of the post published today.

From The Business Insider:

“Bill Bonner is the author of Empire of Debt, and like many other doomsayers to him it basically boils down to a massive unwinding of America’s debt obligations.

“He is also the editor of The Daily Reckoning newsletter, which has argued that the current crisis will be worse than the great depression, due to the lack of checks and balances in politics. He is a strong advocate and bull on gold.”

This latest version refers to the current contrarians as “brave holdouts” in the face of the ongoing rally, but as Bill Bonner has said the whole process could take many years… so keep your seatbelt buckled. You can view his profile along with the other Doomsayers Who Just Won’t Give Up at The Business Insider.

The Daily Reckoning