Slideshow: Top 10 Stocks of the Decade

We here at The Daily Reckoning are somewhat partial to our “Trade of the Decade” of buying gold on dips and selling stocks on rallies. However, if you were to have considered other investing options over the past ten years, the picks from the below list could have worked out for you as well. Eddy Elfenbein, host of the Crossing Wall Street website, has determined the 25 top performing stocks since the 1st of January, 2000.




Here are the top ten:

  1. 7,895.4 Percent – (GMCR) Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
  2. 6,504.1 Percent – (HANS) Hansen Natural
  3. 6,394.2 Percent – (BYI) Bally Technologies
  4. 5,108.4 Percent – (SWN) Southwestern Energy
  5. 4,456.0 Percent – (CLH) Clean Harbors
  6. 3,669.5 Percent – (DECK) Deckers Outdoor
  7. 3,669.2 Percent – (AMED) Amedisys
  8. 3,611.5 Percent – (TNH) Terra Nitrogen
  9. 3,519.4 Percent – (BOOM) Dynamic Materials
  10. 3,497.2 Percent – (QSII) Quality Systems

View the top performing stocks in a slideshow with charts and additional information on The Business Insider.

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