Santelli: Go Read Some Austrian Economists Instead of the Funny Pages

Rick Santelli, who has already gained plenty of notoriety for rants on CNBC, takes it to a new level in the video below. In this instance, with a message worth repeating, he screams at least five other hosts… “I want the government to stop spending, stop spending, stop spending, stop spending… STOP spending! That’s what we want, stop spending!”

He caps it off with other comments including, “c’mon, go read some Austrian economists instead of the funny pages,” and “go back to Russia where you understand the state and the citizen.” It’s outrageous and gratifying all at the same time, especially given CNBC is the source. You can see the video below – it really heats up at about minute 8:39 — which came to our attention via The Daily Bail’s post on Santelli losing it and calling fellow CNBC reporter Steve Liesman a communist.

The Daily Reckoning