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The honest and unconventional insight provided by The Daily Reckoning and Agora Financial has been recognized by numerous media sources including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Financial Times, Reuters, USA Today, FOX, ABC, MONEY, CBS, BusinessWeek, US News & World Report, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, and The Daily Telegraph to name but a few. A few media and reader testimonial highlights are included below, but first…

The Daily Reckoning and Agora Financial have a track record of accuracy.

Founded in Paris in 1999, as one of the world’s first email newsletters in the beginning of the Internet era, The Daily Reckoning is a pioneer in online publishing.

From the outset we’ve chosen to take an honest look at the challenges facing the US economy, and the pitfalls ahead as we see them. As one of our early issues described…

“…Almost everyone expects the next century to be dominated by America… by its culture, its businesses, and its stock market. Nearly every editorial page makes some reference to “American Triumphalism.” Nearly every editorial writer is appalled by McDonalds…and contemptuous of the great hoi polloi of middle-class America…but proud to sit with them on top of the world. My prediction: they will slip from their perch before the end of this decade.”

— Excerpt from the December 4th, 1999, issue of The Daily Reckoning.

Ten years later we are seeing the concerns first authoritatively voiced by The Daily Reckoning coming to light. That’s not just our own perspective. In 2008, Dave Eberhart at NewsMax described the Agora Financial record of accuracy in this way, “Calling It First and Calling It Right.”

With numerous best selling books under our collective belt, it’s easy to highlight published evidence of our correct forecasts of how the future would look.

It partly began with the Trade of the Decade, a phrase we first coined in 2001…

“What would be the Trade of the Decade for the next ten years? For all the reasons given in this book, we think it will be to sell the Dow and buy gold. In the first three years—2000 to 2003—gold rose from $282 to $342. The Dow, meanwhile, fell—from 11,522 on January 7, 2000, to 8,740 three years later. An investor was already ahead 2,683 percent. Should he stay with the trade? We cannot say, but it’s best not to look until 2010.”

— Excerpt from the New York Times best seller Financial Reckoning Day, 2003.

Throughout this decade we’ve described how the excesses of the tech boom and the policies enacted by the federal government at the time were likely to mutate into the subsequent housing and consumption bubbles—and that is exactly what has happened.

We called attention to the consumption-driven bubbles in the US as we saw them coming. In December of 2004, we warned of the total destruction of the US housing market. At that time Fannie Mae had just published a report revealing its exposure to the derivatives market. That was enough for us to see the trouble ahead. We sounded the alarm.

Even more recently, we’ve been ahead of the curve in foreseeing how the current fiscal challenges of the US would be unfolding. As Mark Hulbert of The Hulbert Financial Digest described in The Baltimore Sun, “[Agora Financial has] very consistently railed for a long time about deficit spending, they have earned their bona-fides there.”

Here’s a quick sampling of what the media has written…

“[Agora Financial offers] a clear, cogent and compelling primer on contemporary American economics.”

— Jason Anderson of The Toronto Star

“I am also a fan of a more modest site called The Daily Reckoning, an always interesting offering… The site’s daily newsletter, which is available by e-mail, offers a charmingly mordant take on the stock news of the day, accentuated by philosophical maunderings…”

— David Futrelle of MONEY Magazine.

“The Daily Reckoning is a freewheeling Web site for libertarians, gold bugs and doom enthusiasts of every stripe… Wiggin offer[s] up his analysis with a confident and steady aplomb. And for good reason…”

— Stephen Metcalf of The New York Times Magazine.

“Wiggin and the economic brain trust at Agora Financial have been decrying deficit spending for years.”

— Chris Kaltenbach of The Baltimore Sun.

But, it’s not just the media that “gets it;” here’s what our readers have to say…

“Of the 12 financial resource reports I get each day, yours by far is the most useful and concise.”

— Timothy S. McFadden

“I would happily pay for this absolutely delightful philosophical, cultural, intellectual, humorous and exceptionally well written newsletter. I’ve saved every one since I subscribed.”

— John Bowers

“Thank you…for your interesting analysis of free trade…I thoroughly enjoy your Daily Reckoning and have quite unabashedly become addicted…”

Robert Orr

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