Political potpourri (with apologies to John McLaughlin)

We briefly interrupt this blog to bring you an update on political happenings that may or may not interest you:

  • Ron Paul will serve another term in Congress.  He handily won the primary last night for his Congressional seat in Texas, and he faces no Democratic opponent in the fall.  Meanwhile, rumors abound that Paul is in fact mulling over some sort of independent/third party run for president on a ticket with former Rep. Bob Barr, who made his name during the Clinton impeachment.  Barr is active in the Libertarian Party these days, and the LP would be the most expedient route to take from a ballot-access standpoint.  Its convention is in May.
  • What was it I said last week about how one should never count out the Clintons?  She won the Ohio and Texas primaries, assuring the Democratic food fight will last at least until Pennsylvania in seven weeks, if not longer.  Exit polls showed she won convincingly among people who made up their minds in the last week — i.e., people who were swayed by a fearmongering commercial that could have straight out of Karl Rove's playbook.

We now resume our regular activities chronicling the decline of the U.S. Empire.

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