Nobody Notices The Good News... Until Its Too Late

Dear Daily Reckoning Reader,

On behalf of Bill and all the DR staff let me wish you a Happy Memorial Day weekend.

As you’re enjoying the long break, I hope you’ll take a moment to reflect on the veterans Bill has written about in the Daily Reckoning in the past two weeks. Because of them, we have much to be thankful for today.

Also, I’d like to take just a moment to introduce you to “the most unusual investor in the world,” Doug Casey. In a market where nobody notices the good news, Doug’s advice is particularly timely, and can be very lucrative. He’s one of the most successful investors I know. I’d venture to say no one knows his area of expertise – junior gold stocks – better than Doug does.

He’s helped deliver amazing gains to his readers over and over again.

$25,000 dollars invested in Diamond Fields when Doug recommended it would have turned into $837,146 in less than a year. Or even better, $12,500 invested in Bre-X following his advice would have become $1,270,000!

In a volatile bear market, if you’re going to invest, you need a special edge — a strong advantage over the typical investor. That’s what Doug gives you — an “inside edge.” Using Doug’s insights strongly tilts the field in your favor.

Not long ago, he recommended Black Sea Energy. After a name change and some minor restructuring the stock jumped up 887% in about a year. He has the knack of doing this over and over again. Want to know how? I can tell you…

The mining business is not what Bill would strictly call investing. It’s an “insiders industry. A handful of people understand it from top to bottom. They know which companies are legitimate and which are graveyards for gullible investors. If you’re going to invest, you need a powerful advantage to come out on top.

Doug is the “ultimate insider.” He knows the companies, the geologists, the market, and who is doing what and where better than any one else. Doug doesn’t recommend a stock unless he believes it could make 10 to 1 returns. And because of his expertise… it’s not a level playing field.

That’s your advantage.

Gold should continue to go up during the next year. There’s no guarantee, of course. But last time gold was this reviled, Doug stuck by his guns and made a killing when equity markets tanked. Gold went from $103 in the summer of 1976 to over $850 by January of 1980.

Things don’t always work out like they should. But even if gold doesn’t take off, Doug’s likely to deliver some homeruns to his readers just as he has in the past. And it’s because he’s closely scrutinizing a market that few analysts pay attention to. And Doug knows it inside out.

He makes profits in the kinds of investments nobody notices… until they’re already up. You can too.

We’ve prepared a detailed report that explains many of Doug’s insights. You’ll find Doug’s take on gold and his overview of the best places to invest on the planet. As I mentioned earlier, if there’s not a potential 10 to 1 return involved, Doug’s not interested. You could do a lot worse than 10-1 profits in today’s stock market.

Thanks for your time and enjoy your weekend,


Dan Denning

P.S. Please take a few minutes to read about why the smart money is going underground-literally. I think you’ll find it well worth your while. A powerful bull market in undiscovered stocks can easily turn a modest investment into a quick fortune. Doug Casey has been making his readers investment profits for over twenty years.

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