New Year's Day

Too bad about the crusades, the persecutions, the pogroms, the gulags, the exterminations, the inquisitions, the Black Death, slavery, sans culottes, Rousseau, death camps, religious wars, secular wars, the Hundred Years War, the martyrdom of St. Joan of Arc, Gettysburg, Wounded Knee, Sedan, Ypres, Kristalnacht, Nagasaki, Dresden, the Warsaw ghetto, the Huns, the Golden Horde, the massacre at Cajamarco, the Rape of Nanking, Red Guards, lynchings, television, the Tech Bubble, tort lawyers, Picasso, Pollack, Corbusier, the Third Reich, Vanilla Ice, Lee Greenwood, the Spice Girls, Vatican II, Glen Burnie, and Janet Reno.

But that is [almost] all behind us now. Shed a tear. Say goodbye. It is a New Era.

The third millennium after the birth of Christ got off to a good start here in Ouzilly. The sun is shining. That is a good sign – the world has apparently not come to an end yet. Our species is still extant. So, there is hope. Perhaps the next millennium will be better than the last.

Not that I have any complaints. The 2nd millennium was good to me.

Best wishes to you and your family for the years to come.

Bill Bonner
Ouzilly, France
January 1, 2001

The Daily Reckoning