My thoughts on Donald Trump (Warning: Foul Language Inside)

One of my podcast listeners recently wrote me a note saying I swear too much.

I’ve done more than 400 episodes and I think I’ve dropped f-bombs only in a dozen or so episodes.

That’s pretty good for a former baseball catcher who developed bad habits trying to kill people at home plates.

Unfortunately, today I will add to the small list of episodes with off color language.

The episode you’re about to hear will definitely offend some… not on purpose, to be a jerk, or to prove a point.

But just because I get very passionate about insane directions in American politics.

How bad is this episode coming up? A friend sent me a note saying I broke the record …on swearing.

Now, in my defense, there’s research that shows that swearing is a sign of intelligence.

No joke.

According to the Language Sciences journal, a new study shows that fluent use of profanity can be a sign of an articulate nature and a deep intelligence.

Just saying…

Anyway, if you are sensitive about foul language, skip this episode. You’ve been warned.

Nassim Taleb, best-selling author of “The Black Swam,” recently posted this great thought on his facebook page:

Nassim Nicholas Taleb's facebook post

I couldn’t agree more.

As you’re about to listen, I think that sums up Trump.

In this episode, I’ll discuss:

  • How Trump is causing the establishment to wet their pants.
  • Why, love him or hate him, Trump could be a last hope.
  • How the government secretly taxes the poor.
  • Are you an investor or a gambler? Here’s the difference.
  • Do this, and you’ll become a slave hooked up to a feeding tube.

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