My Exchange...

My Exchange
by Rachel Loden

“irrational exuberance”
            — Alan Greenspan on the markets

Still, the path of the tango was not strewn
with roses. Five thousand years

might pass without a single dance, the dejecta
of great cities rolled out on a plain like dice

or jewels. And on my roof
the sleighbells of the gods, their tchotchkes

curled inside a broken jar at Qumran, painted
standing armies in the vaults of heaven.


Was it some corporate Sturmführer

saw a need for spreadsheets
in a town like this, with seven central bankers

to look at; the sweet sea air buffeting
the NASDAQ?  O irrational exuberance,

you make me weak!  Let me lie among
the fallen orders, vermilion petals at my feet.

The above poem is taken from Hotel Imperium. Before this editing gig at The Daily Reckoning, I was a creative writing major in college, which helped guide me toward a love of poetry. So, even though I’ve now turned my main attention to financial commentary, I still keep a peripheral, ongoing search for poetry I can share with this group. I figure any poet who references ol’ Alan is worthy of this blog.

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