More on the Border

People like this diminish the whole effort. By going so far over the top, they give ammunition to the folks who want to do nothing, business-as-usual. As Kevin & I discussed at length, this is a problem and it needs to be addressed. No, we don’t need to adopt a “final solution” to the illegal entry issue. But we do need a solution.

Example of adverse consequences of uncontrolled immigration
Well, over 20% of all federal prisoners, convicted in courts of law, are illegal immigrants. Those are the ones who are convicted, after all of the other vagaries of the U.S. “justice” system that can let you off the hook for various procedural reasons. Over 40% of inmates in California state prisons are illegal immigrants. Over 70 % of documented tuberculosis cases in the United States are illegal immigrants, and most of the rest of TB sufferers are “legals,” who have regular contact with illegals.

Essentially, all drug smuggling into the United States follows the same pathways as illegal immigration. Border states with “protected” environmental features are seeing extreme environmental destruction due to illegal immigration across protected areas, as in interruption of nighttime feeding and breeding, fires, trash and pollution, damage to water resources, etc. If you or I did it, we would get busted by the Bunny Cops from EPA or Department of Environmental Protection, but if illegal aliens do it, they get off with no consequence.

Illegal immigrants, on average, commit about 10 murders per day in the United States (anybody you know?); 25 rapes (anybody you know?); 15 child molestations (anybody you know?); over 100 auto crashes with injury/death as a result (and they almost never have insurance); and numerous other problems. If they were not here, they would not be causing such problems. What if it was you who got run into by an uninsured illegal? Too academic a question? A good friend of mine has a brother who is a paraplegic due to getting nailed by an uninsured illegal while stopped at a red light. I cannot help but wonder how the trajectory of one’s life is changed due to the presence of illegal immigrants.

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