More Asian Recognition of Out of Control US Money Printing, Skyrocketing Gold Price

Next Media Animation, based in Taipei, Taiwan, has recently produced the animated news segment below on how a “gold rush sweeps the markets.” Probably the most interesting part is what they highlight as the cause… Ben Bernanke, evil villain-style, is running the dollar printing press and the Fed building is spewing forth cash on celebrating people (likely bailout recipients) dancing in the streets.

The increase in gold value is likened in several scenes to winning big money in a casino, which is not at all what the situation resembles for longtime suffers of the DR, who would have had a sense of what was coming at the beginning of the decade. Perhaps though, for investors piling in at record highs, the big win at the slot machine is basically their hope.

Clearly, it’s difficult to describe this bizarre, but fascinating, video. It’s better to simply watch it… and it’s worth viewing for Bernanke’s animated evil-genius cackle alone. You can see the full clip below, which came to our attention via a post on The Daily Bail.

The Daily Reckoning