It’s War!

“We don’t pay much attention to politics… or presidents,” our fearless leader Addison Wiggin likes to write.

“In fact,” continues Addison, “this is the time of year we urge readers not to vote at all. ‘Why encourage the bastards?’ the saying goes.”

Indeed, why “encourage the bastards?”

Today of course is Election Day.

We are told this is the most critical election since the election of 1860. The very future of the republic dangles in the balance… by a fraying thread.

One opinion poll yields the following information:

55% of Americans believe today will be “the most stress-filled day of their lives.”

As we have written before:

It appears some critical hinge, somewhere deep within the national psyche, has abruptly given way…

Never has the electorate been so starkly divided, we are further told. On the right hand we have red state America.  On the left hand, blue state America.

These two Americas stand not shoulder to shoulder — but face to face.

Blood fills every eye… and hatred every heart.

The president’s foes seethe in a state of unconquerable rage, a white-hot hatred. A modern Nero, they insist he is at once the fuel and the fire torching American democracy.

He was, is and will forever be unfit for the high office he somehow holds (the Russians!).

Bankrupt in character, bankrupt in speech, bankrupt in policy… the nation cannot endure another four years under his atrocities.

The national nightmare must end today — and all traces of “Trumpism” with it.

When you extinguish a fire, after all, can you allow a single smouldering ember behind?

Here we have the one America.

In the other America we find the president’s loyal armies…

To them President Trump holds the last trenchline of American civilization. Should he lose, should the line collapse, the enemy’s flags will soon be waving above the capital, their victory complete.

The Democratic Party has trussed up Joe Biden and wheeled him out before the American people as a safe and moderate alternative — a Trojan horse to deceive the electorate.

That is, the president’s boosters insist Mr. Biden is a mere place-holder, a seat-warmer who will soon make way.

His diminished intellectual capacities will prevent him from completing his term.

Once safely behind the city gates, Ms. Kamala Harris and a herd of radicals and berserkers will come bursting forth from the Trojan contraption.

Cultural, political and economic vandals, they would wage ferocious and ceaseless warfare upon America as it has existed.

They would rewrite its history books, dynamite Mt. Rushmore, rename the Washington and Jefferson monuments…

They would pack the Supreme Court to wash away the present balance (6-3, “conservative”). They would confer statehood upon Washington, DC and the territory of Puerto Rico… thus adding four reliable Democratic senators to Congress.

They will shutter the Electoral College — in effect closing out the possibility of a future Republican president.

That is, they would have the nation safely under lock and key.

Economically, they would tear through the nation’s finances as a bull tears through china.

They would shoulder through Congress a Green New Deal, for example. And green it would be. Its drummers would spend $10 trillion per year on it — roughly half of 2019 GDP.

They would likewise have a go at Medicare for All, “free” college education, a $15 minimum wage… and other rich sweets.

They would further throw open the nation’s borders to the world’s teeming and desperate hordes.

Gone would be the American Republic. In its place would stand a Tower of Babel; multicultural, polyglot, hopelessly fractured.

This is America’s future should Joe Biden win this evening’s election, we are warned.

Thus we find blue state America and red state America at each other’s throats.

Who will win? Who will lose? Will either accept the outcome of a contested election?

We have no answers, of course. As a true-blue, red-blooded American patriot, we certainly hope for the best possible outcome.

Who would you like to see win — the incumbent or the challenger? And why?

Let us know:

Regardless of the victor, of this we are confident:

Under both parties the nation’s finances will run to seed. Deficits will mount. Debt will snowball. Growth will stagnate.

We concede, the two parties are different. They are not “both the same.”

One party will drive the nation over a cliff doing 90. The other will drive it over the cliff doing 70.

Now please, please, get out and vote. Your vote matters!

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Brian Maher

Brian Maher
Managing Editor, The Daily Reckoning

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