It’s Too Bad if You Don't Think Federal Workers Deserve Twice Your Pay

Because they’re getting it anyway. According to an analysis by Chris Edwards of the Cato Institute, the average federal civilian earned about $120,000 in 2008 pay and benefits, as opposed to the $60,000 earned by a private sector worker.

It’s a huge and growing difference. It really began to widen in the year 2000, when it was “only” about a $30,000 gap between the two types of earners. Since that same year pay and benefits are up only 28 percent for private workers versus a staggering 58 percent for the federal crew. They’ve just been improving so much in handling government bureaucracy… in case you couldn’t tell.

The finding comes by way of The Daily Bail which also points out that for most government employees the “only chance to make that kind of money comes from having an employer that not only never has to make a profit but can forcibly take money through taxation.”

If the thought was that policy makers were merely transferring money from taxpayers to Wall Street… well, we can now rest assured they’re taking their own share as well. Visit The Daily Bail to view the complete story and to see a painful line chart that shows federal pay continue to skyrocket.

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