Invest Like a Dealmaker

Shameless self-promotion time-out:  Our managing editor Chris Mayer’s new book, Invest Like a Dealmaker, is #1 on the business and investing list at Amazon.

Chris drew on a lifetime of reading and real-world banking and investing experience to put this together.  You need expend less than a day of pleasant reading to glean the same insights.  (And “pleasant reading” is not just a cliche here; his monthly advisories Capital and Crisis and Mayer’s Special Situations are not just great sources of investing information, they’re a pleasure to read and mull over.)

Chris gets tagged sometimes — unfairly, I think — as a “value investor.”  Sure, he’s studied the lessons of the great value guys out there, but as a former commercial banker, he adds his own set of insights that keeps him far away from “value traps.”

So what does investing like a dealmaker mean, anyway?  Well, during his banking career Chris discovered there are two stock markets.  There’s the one whose prices are listed in Section C of the Wall Street Journal.  And then there’s the dealmakers’ market — dominated by movers and shakers who buy large stakes in companies, or even entire companies.  The dealmakers’ price is often higher than the publicly-quoted one.  Chris shows you how to take advantage of the difference — with the potential to make 13 times your money.

Learn more about Invest Like a Dealmaker right here.

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