Gee, what's another $590 billion?

It's dizzying, maybe even impossible, to total up the dollar amount of all the bailouts, guarantees, swaps, etc. that have ensued since the Bear Stearns debacle last March.

But we know how much more has been racked up in the last 24 hours — $620 billion.

That's $500 billion in mortgage guarantees and $30 billion each for the central banks of Singapore, Brazil, and Mexico.  (South Korea got its $30 billion yesterday.)

I'm not sure which is the bigger outrage: The accumulating dollar amount of one promise piled onto another, or the fact no one's asking how it gets paid for.

And all the while, the national debt total leaps nearly 9% in just six weeks.

The whole thing makes the documentary I.O.U.S.A. look prophetic.

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