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It’s a habit of the midwit to parrot famous quotes.

One of the most often quoted is Winston Churchill’s asinine observation that “democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

He should’ve put a period after “government” and left it at that.

When I hear that quote, it’s one of my unfailing signals that the person I’m talking to is out of ideas. It’s right up there with “It is what it is” or “et cetera, et cetera.”

When right-libertarians like me complain about democracy, opponents immediately convict us in their minds of “fascism.” As if they knew what fascism really is.

No, I prefer anarchism first. There are rules but no rulers.

If I can’t have that, I’d take monarchy. For those of you who think Charles I is the best argument against monarchy, let me break the news to you.

Charles I is the best argument in the world for monarchy. Why?

Because Oliver Cromwell only had one head to cut off.

Ah, the helplessness you’re feeling right now as you read this stems from your inability to calculate just how many heads you’d need to sever to free America, or any country in the Western world, from its current depraved state.

In essence, democracy is a hydra.

As Hans-Hermann Hoppe rightly points out, “Democracy has nothing to do with freedom. Democracy is a soft variant of communism, and rarely in the history of ideas has it been taken for anything else.”

The Founding Fathers Were Right

Do you want to know how much the Founding Fathers hated democracy?

Go to Congress’ webpage on the U.S. Constitution, hit CTRL F to open up the search window, and type in “democracy.”

You’ll find the term appears zero times.

The Founding Fathers knew exactly what happens when penniless morons have the same vote as property-owning, educated families.

Unfortunately, now you do, too.

“One man, one vote!” you shout in fist-clenching anger.

Do yourself a favor and think about that sentiment for a moment.

That penniless moron, who has no redeeming attribute other than being over the age of 18, has a say, however small, in how much tax you pay, in how much of your tax goes to the military, and in how much you can say on social media.


Because they’re your fellow countrymen?

Well, I’ll tell you something: after this weekend, there are plenty of people in the United States with whom I’m positively thrilled to no longer share a country.

Let’s see why.


This is positively delicious. David Weissman, if Paradigm Press allowed me to award “Numpty of the Week,” you’d be the first winner.


It’s amazing what happens when you back a terrorist group. And then wonder why the terrorist group you backed is supporting a terrorist group that’s just murdered over a thousand of your people.

Yes, David, The Right was right, as usual, about BLM.

More importantly, will David vote Democrat again in 2024 while the Republicans are taking care of his business?

BLM, who I thought just took the money and ran, seems to have a pulse still, regrettably.


Sadly, BLMChicago took down this tweet. But the damage is already done.

And what about The Squad?

Little Mogadishu, a section of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is home to some of the 94,000 Somalis who either came after the civil strife in the early 1990s or are their descendants.

Ilhan Omar, a Somali-American, represents Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District. Her election to Congress in 2018 was a significant milestone, as she became the first Somali-American to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Did you not think they’d vote for “one of their own?” Should they not rightly be proud that one of their own is in the House?

In case you didn’t know, Somalia is 99.8% Muslim. Why on earth do you think they’d side with Israel?

This is my point.

If you want a democracy, you’re going to get something you may not have wanted.

And that’s people with opinions of their own that are anathema to settled Americans.

These people think American support of Israel isn’t so much a friendship as an empowerment of an oppressive regime that’s turned Gaza into the world’s largest open-air prison.

And what about poor old Larry Summers?


After decades of letting in people who think slavery built America, Larry wonders why the university didn’t back Israel unequivocally.

Many of Harvard’s student groups explicitly backed the Palestinians before Bill Ackman demanded and received a list of those students from those groups. Suddenly, the kids found employment more important than “the cause.”

With the students at odds with Larry, how could the university come out with a unanimous statement?

But it’s not just America.

Europe Creaking

Remember when Ursula von der Leyen tweeted this:


No word on whether she’s okay with Israel publicly announcing they’ll do the same.

The problem is Europe invited — yes, invited — 2 million people (mostly Muslim) in 2015, thanks to former German Chancellor Merkel.

They’re here. They have their own opinions.

But I guess Barack Obama didn’t care about that when he gave Tony Blair and Nicolas Sarkozy the green light to destroy Libya for its oil. That opened the boat routes from North Africa to Lampedusa and beaches beyond.

Here was von der Leyen on Monday:


And here’s UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak:


That Community Note, by the way, is true.

And here’s why these politicians should beware of jumping on the bandwagon too soon. It’s not because Israeli civilians don’t deserve their support. They certainly do. It’s because they’re not necessarily representing their citizens’ views. You know, the people who democratically elected them.

Here’s the data on the Muslim population in various European countries:

Those numbers will only grow from here.

Wrap Up

This will end neither soon nor well. But I hope and pray for zero civilian casualties. Of course, that’s not realistic.

But more disconcerting is that natives, refugees and newly minted citizens are tearing apart Western countries.

We simply disagree. But the consequences of those disagreements are profound because of our system of government.

Under a monarchy, there’s one person in charge. We can always behead them if we need to. And that’s a comforting thought. Well, maybe not for Charles I.

But after the British realized their mistake, they restored the monarchy under Charles II. The Big Wigs were back, and fun was had by all.

If only that apocryphal old yarn of Washington being offered the crown was true. I, for one, would have had him take it!

Ah, one can dream. Now, back to bloody reality.

Everyone has differing opinions on this topic… but let me know what you think by emailing me here.

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