Daily Show Interview: Elizabeth Warren on the "Hacked at" Middle Class

Elizabeth Warren — Harvard Law School Professor and Special Advisor to the Treasury on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — appeared on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show earlier this year beating the drum for Wall Street reform.

From her perspective, banks have gotten the cops, regulators, off the beat in order to sell predatory credit cards, car loans, and home mortgages for huge profits and bonuses, while also taking on ever-increasing risk… of the sort that results in financial crisis.

Her mission now is to avoid boom and bust cycles through regulation… which reeks of a largely impossible task given the sophistication of investment products already spread liberally through a globalized financial system. Either way, the fruit of her labor will come to light in due time. You can watch the clip below from Warren’s Daily Show appearance describing the “hacked at,” “chipped at,” and “pulled” upon middle class that came to our attention via The Daily Bail.

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