How You Can Make $1 Million Trend Trading…

When you hear about traders making $100 million or even $1 billion in the markets, you probably doubt it can happen to you.

You think those guys are incredibly lucky… or they’ve developed strategies that are so unique they can’t possibly be replicated.

And the statistics say you may have a point. Making those enormous sums of money is rare.

But how about making $1 million or $2 million? Is that within the average investor’s grasp?

Without a doubt…

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence and the willingness for a little hard work has the chance to make seven figures as a trend following trader.

And today, I’m going to show you how to start…

Learn From the Masters

Wall Street would like you to believe that making $1 million in the markets requires paying them high fees for sophisticated strategies only they can employ.

The markets are extremely complex they say nonstop. And for such a situation, Wall Street tells you that you need their complex and costly strategies.

But that’s a bill of goods you’ve been sold. Data shows that the supposed complex strategies give you lower returns and higher risk than a straightforward trend following trading strategy.

The fact is the most successful traders in the world have developed fantastically simple rules for making a killing in our chaotic markets.

And today, I’m going to give you unique insights on three of those trend following traders… because the easiest and most effective way to learn the secrets of trend following is from the masters.

But the key is they didn’t all start out as masters. In fact, most started out just like you.

And through studying and following winning trend following strategies, they earned more money than they ever imagined.

Look, I’m not here to tell you that everyone will make $100 million as a trend trader.

But I am here to tell you that if you have the deep desire to be rich, and the desire to work, you have the chance to make seven figures in the markets by following the simple principles of trend following.

And the stories you’ll hear about in today’s podcast will inspire and motivate you to do just that.

Here’s what you’ll learn….

  • How a small-town trend trader from Georgia turned $5,000 into $100 million
  • Why one man risked every penny he had to become a trend follower
  • How never deviating from a winning trend following system can make you rich
  • What “The Godfather, Part II” can teach you about making money in the markets
  • And More!

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Look, trend following changed my life. Most of Wall Street is a “hair on fire” scam of the highest order. But there are a few truly awe-inspiring, great people out there. I am so damn lucky to have learned from them. And guess what? They’re almost all trend following traders. These traders are real-life John Galt’s.

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Michael Covel
for The Daily Reckoning

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