Border Problems Solved

Here’s an idea: set up the wall, and when illegal aliens get to it, hand them each a passport, a bible, and a gun – maybe a Coke, too. Then, we ship them off to Iraq to fight for their new country, or spin ’em around toward Mexico and tell them to guard the border they just crossed.

Either way, they’re legal employees, relieving us of the costs of military over-reach at home and abroad, and they’ll now have to pay taxes and Social Security to support our spend-happy government.

Heck, maybe the extra manpower will liberate that Iraqi we’ve been hearing so much about. And Bush and the GOP will surely win over a few ballots from their newfound, happily employed Mexican American citizens, too.

Many problems solved.

I’m being facetious, of course. But I’m wondering, too, why now all this about the immigrants? What happened to $3.50 gas, the plunging dollar and market, that big thing that seems to have our fingerprints on it in the Middle East, Afghanistan and finding bin Laden, the unraveling of relations with Russia and China, Iran, a soaring debt with figures so high we should all have vertigo.

Does this border issue really take precedent?

Right now, the total estimate of illegals in the United States – around 12 million – is about 3.7% of the population. The other 96.3% of us, meanwhile, are looking at a pretty grim future even if all the people with a funny accent get shipped out tomorrow.

The Daily Reckoning