America’s Two Factions

Have you forgotten the Chinese balloon incident yet?  Don’t worry, you will. It was just a momentary distraction from the slow-motion crack-up of our country. And it came along with a boffo jobs report, led by hiring in “leisure and hospitality.”

Oddly, the same month saw a record car re-po number, even higher than it was in the depths of the 2009 Great Financial Fiasco — raising the question: how will all those people without cars actually get to Disney World? And if they do, what will they use for money there?

America was bundled up last week, huddled beside space heaters and wood-stoves against an Arctic super-blast that also distracted us from the global warming scare-talk which the agit-prop industry has ramped up to replace the disintegrating Covid-19 story in the public’s attention-space.

Here’s the lesson: The more impotent and inept our government gets, the more it will seek the appearance of exquisite control over everything… employment… the weather.

The key fallacy of the climate change crusade is that there’s nothing our government can do about it except posture and pretend — and issue more idiotic regulations that prevent people from doing business and leading their lives.

The citizenry, a.k.a. the public, has been successfully divided and groomed into two political factions.

America’s Two Factions

Basically, on the one side there are: those who believe anything government officials tell them, no matter how absurd. Most of that faction’s senior members used to be people who believed nothing the government told them, but then they got “Woke.”

Now, they believe that mRNA vaccines are really good for you… that basing all social conduct on skin color will exorcise racism from society… and that sexual confusion is the highest-and-best psychological state of being.

If you try to debate any of these points with them, they’ll block or cancel you. If that doesn’t work, they’ll orchestrate a new episode of political chaos as an excuse to push you around.

Meanwhile, on the other side there are: those skeptical and worried about government overreach, those opposed to meddlesome official censorship, those who resist the manipulation of language to invert and subvert a formerly coherent value-system, those who recognize a hustle when they see it and coercion when they feel it, those who respect the long struggle of mankind to construct a comprehensible view of reality and mechanisms for testing it. Those who insist on a certain degree of personal liberty under a fair and upright rule-of-law.

These are generalities, I admit. I realize there are probably many exceptions. But I believe they’re more or less accurate.

Irreconcilable Differences

Nothing is more self-evident than how implacably at-odds these two factions are. The ascendance of the first group follows exactly our glide-path into collapse. The so-called mass formation phenomenon rises as a function of suppressed panic over America’s wobbling business model, especially among the managerial class and the “experts” who are supposedly in charge.

The more their management and expertise fails, the more desperately they seek to control every lever of daily life. Pretty soon, their policies become mindless — in the pure sense of the word.

The second group perceives that its opponents have lost their minds, but there is no arguing with people who are literally insane. What must be done is to wrest political power away from them.

In the madness of the first group, power is solely a destructive force, and coercion is a form of pleasure-seeking. Unable to control the dynamics in-play, they seek to wreck the dynamics, to induce as much chaos as possible, so as to punish the non-insane.

Hastening the Collapse

That is exactly what the Green New Deal does. Unable to control the dynamic disruptive changes in the global oil-and-gas industry that our high-tech economies depend on, they pretend that there is work-around “Green” energy system that can replace fossil fuels with wind and solar devices that don’t scale up and which require fossil fuels to make and deploy.

It’s slick and grandiosely hypothetical (i.e., wishful thinking), and the net effect of this major crusade will be to hasten the collapse and impoverishment of our society (ergo: the punishment).

Keep all this in mind as you watch the Congressional inquiries now just getting underway. Much as they are likely to reveal the insane and arguably criminal machinations of a panicked bureaucracy, and the figures who run it, the first group of Americans I described above will remain impervious to any truthful revelations that emerge.

Of course, many of these officials are culpable for actions extremely damaging to the people of this land, and the masses on the group who supported those actions — such as mandatory vaccinations — will be among the most damaged. These True Believers will find it hard to admit that they did it to themselves.

Disarming the Weaponization of Government

So, the hearings upcoming, such as the House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of Government, will probably not change the minds of your friends and relatives stuck in the mass formation of Jacobin-Wokery.

But the hearings will be a step in wresting power away from these maniacs. Part of that step must be to demonstrate the dishonesty of recent elections, so as to remove the implanted mechanisms that enabled that dishonesty: mail-in, no-ID ballots, “motor-voter” laws, electronic vote-counting machines. If that can be fixed, the left can be voted out of power.

The hearings will take place against the back-drop of our deteriorating charade over in Ukraine. The Zelensky regime that we employed to foment this conflict with Russia is losing its mojo for creating chaos in that corner of the world. The newly-announced tank caper will amount to nothing. Russia’s war-aim is simple: the elimination of chaos on its border.

This rational objective is something that many in the first group can’t understand. How will they react when chaos gets canceled in Ukraine? Probably by attempting to foment chaos in another corner of the world, or on the home front — another reason that power must be wrested away from them.

Also, of course, there is the deteriorating economic scene in the background of things political. The insolvency contagion is spreading now among the big boys — the global corps, the national brands, the car-makers, the giant retailers who are shuttering their outlets by the hundreds.

This change on the economic landscape is actually a positive trend. As the giants fall, their roles in daily life will be assumed by the smaller organisms occupying niches in local economic ecologies.

This is one bright horizon for young people otherwise sunk in hopelessness. Get ready to do business! Opportunity awaits! When you embrace it, your insanity will dissolve and the world will look meaningful again.

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