A View of the Chinese Economy from Atop the Great Wall

We’ve a little something different for you this weekend, fellow reckoner. As you know, we’ve been here in the capital of the Middle Kingdom for the past week. Our Reckoner-in-Chief, Bill Bonner, is here too, along with Addison Wiggin and Mayer’s Special Situations editor, Chris Mayer. We’ve toured the malls, the walls and the halls, met with a fantastic group of local experts and eaten some of the finest food man ever tasted. And we also asked a lot of questions.

After a hectic week of meetings and dinner table discussions, we wound-down a little on Friday with a winding horseback ride out to the Great Wall. As far as walls go, they don’t come any more impressive than the Chinese monument. It’s simply spectacular.

Since we were out there…and since the China economic story is, in many ways, a global one…and since we were there with a great group of investors…and since, well, since we hadn’t written anything for the weekender yet, we decided to take a little footage of the occasion. The following clip is a bit of an impromptu Q&A between yours truly and Mr. Mayer. The sound quality might not be all it could be, and we’re still a little out of breath after the hike up to the location, but hopefully you’ll enjoy our special video edition from the Great Wall of China…

Joel Bowman
for The Daily Reckoning

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