3D Printed Gun Inventor Embarks on New Project: Dark Wallet

You might remember Cody Wilson, the young law student who designed “the Liberator”, the first fully functional gun created by a 3D printer. He has a new project in the works…

Wilson, founder of Defense Distributed LLC, made a huge stir when he posted a video early this year firing shots from something that looked like an over-sized office stapler. The self-avowed anarchist incurred the wrath of the Department of Justice over the gun, leaving jowls trembling all over Congress amid cries for regulation of the new technology.

Now, the irrepressible Wilson is on to a subversive new idea: Dark Wallet. The new technology designed to anonymize Bitcoin transactions. The technical lingo, translated into plain English, means that it will be a new app you can use to enhance security for your Bitcoin transactions. It will create a system called “trustless mixing” that will mix together different bitcoins into one big transaction before they are added to the block chain.

Wilson hopes this will frustrate regulators, who have expressed interest in crypto-currencies as they have exploded in popularity. Wilson is trying to raise $50,000 to pay for the next phase of development through Indiegogo.

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Jason Farrell

For The Daily Reckoning

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