On housing, and the media

So, the Census Bureau is out with new numbers showing that housing is becoming increasingly unaffordable in this country, and the media is all over it.  "It's just so hard for us to find anything we could afford," a woman from tells New Jersey's Daily Record newspaper.  The Chicago Tribune has the story of a couple who's moved into the basement of their house so they can rent out the first and second floors.  And all of these personal stories are "pegged" to the Census numbers.

Of course, this train's been coming a long time, and the anecdotal evidence has been around already.  But as I complained at my previous blogging home, none of it is news to my profession unless there are statistics from a government agency or industry association to back it up.  A little more imagination exercised by journlaists, and maybe a few more people could've seen the train coming.

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