Jim Karger

“When they come for my gun, they will have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands,” is a common refrain I often hear from the Neo-Cons when there is a threat, credible or otherwise, that the US government is going to take their firearms.

And, when I hear this crazy talk, I agree with them openly. “You are right. They will pry your gun from your cold dead hands,” which I often follow with the question, “And where will that leave you except face down in a pool of your own blood [in] the middle of the street, just another dead fool resisting the State?”

This is not a question they are comfortable with, if only because the intent of their saber-rattling was to imply they would fight to keep their weapons, and win.

Nice fantasy. It’s not happening.

…they will take your guns, and no, all your Second Amendment bluster aside, you are not going to do anything about it.

If the federal government decides to disarm the public, and when the increasingly-militarized police force rolls down your street after a not-so-subtle request that you kindly turn over your firearms and ammunition “for the common good,” it will be nothing less than suicide by cop to do anything other than what you are told.

The militarization of US police forces is ongoing and escalating. Many cities and towns now own tanks, armed personnel carriers, even attack helicopters, and almost all are outfitted with military weapons not available to the general public.

And, it is not just your hometown cops who are getting new boy-toys. The military itself is buying up weaponry not just for use in the current or next scheduled war, but to deal with the likes of you, citizens who don’t seem to understand that the Bill of Rights has been overruled, and that specifically includes, but is not limited to, the right to protest and engage in civil disobedience.

Also ignored (as if it didn’t even exist) is the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 which generally bars the military from law enforcement activities within the United States.

According to Public Intelligence:

“…for the last two years, the President’s Budget Submissions for the Department of Defense have included purchases of a significant amount of combat equipment, including armored vehicles, helicopters and even artillery, under an obscure section of the FY2008 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the purposes of ‘homeland defense missions, domestic emergency responses, and providing military support to civil authorities.’ Items purchased under the section include combat vehicles, tanks, helicopters, artillery, mortar systems, missiles, small arms and communications equipment. Justifications for the budget items indicate that many of the purchases are part of routine resupply and maintenance, yet in each case the procurement is cited as being ‘necessary for use by the active and reserve components of the Armed Forces for homeland defense missions, domestic emergency responses, and providing military support to civil authorities’ under section 1815 of the FY 2008 NDAA.”

And, they are not just arming cops and weekend warriors for domestic purposes. Active duty Marines are now being trained for law enforcement operations all over the world (of which the US remains a part) specifically to deal with civil uprisings, and the US government knows that civil uprisings are coming to a town near you just as soon as the fantasy of a healing economy is shattered, the US dollar fails, and unemployment goes to 30%+ in real numbers.

And, to you tough-talking Neo-Cons with your AR-15 rifles and a few thousand rounds of ammo, here is the reality: they will take your guns, and no, all your Second Amendment bluster aside, you are not going to do anything about it. You are not going to take on a platoon of Marines with state-of-the-art automatic weapons and the best body armor you cannot buy protected by armed personnel carriers and attack helicopters unless you choose to die that day — for nothing. You will either be in the country or out, and if you are in, you will stay in and you will comply.

That is your choice… for the moment.


Jim Karger
for The Daily Reckoning

Ed. Note: The debate rages on… And whether you agree with Mr. Krager or not, the reality of what will happen when the feds come for your guns is going to be difficult to stomach. We suggest you prepare. Sign up for your FREE subscription to The Daily Reckoning, right here, and get all the info on how to do that, every single day.

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Jim Karger

Jim Karger is a lawyer who has represented American businesses against incursions by government and labor unions for 30 years. In 2001, he left Dallas and moved to San Miguel de Allende in the high desert of central Mexico where he sought and found a freer and simpler life for he and his wife, Kelly, and their 10 dogs. Karger's website is http://www.crediblyconnect.com

  • robert

    If such a situation ever were to arise, I think that the American people would act in a similar manner which their ancestors did on April 19, 1775 at Lexington.

  • Larry Bernard

    So Jim:

    Do you believe all cops will follow this order? if you do your foolish.

    Do you believe a vast majority will or a simple majority?

    We might have a simple majority but if 40% of the police and military don’t refuse such an order I would be surprised. The fact that their would be this large a disobedience (at a minimum) is why this order will never be given. Soldiers and cops would defect to any uprising rather quickly and a small scale policing issue will disolve quickly into a civil war. The very people you refer to here know thats whats going to happen.

    Not to mention their are decades worth of materials in circulation like the poor mans james bond among other sources of knowledge that can neutralize most of law enforcement’s military gap.

    and the longer this process went on the worse it would be for the government trying it.

    This is something that could happen in mexico where extra legal and extra judicial force is being used on a regular basis by the government. But in the US it would be far more problematic

  • Longnine009

    I guess no one told Vietnam that they could not
    prevail against over-whelming U.S fire power.

  • wwIII vet

    hey bill!
    flush this creep!

  • Matt Juice

    Dear Jim,

    What about the simple principle of “I’d rather die on my feet then live on my knees.” I think the second amendment makes it clear that you have the right to defend yourself, because if you don’t, or don’t try, you may be singled out, and murdered at “The President’s whim” anyway. A dis armed population is a slave population, and I, for one, would rather die a freeman in a pool of my own blood, then live bowing to criminals for their permission to live. Such as, you are a coward, and are willing to comply with out even thinking about it. The best technology in the world has been beaten, and the best body armor can only take so mant shots before it is to weak to function properly. If only a small portion resist, there will be way to many for one small army to fight. We will simply out number our military 40-1 if only 1% reist. Where people like you have no pride in your freedom and will cower and beg for your life, people like me rather die then be controlled, and take pride in our freedom.

  • Scott Tibbetts

    Interesting…but what am I to do about it?

  • Gun-packing Granny

    Take one (or more) out on your way out.

  • RedQueenRace

    One day turning over the guns will make no difference.

    As technology improves and costs drop, 3-D printing will be within the reach of many citizens. Just as happened with computers over time.

    The day that happens guns can be “printed” by anyone but the state will have a lot more to worry about than that.


  • chowthen

    I wonder why we still haven’t completely disarmed the Talibans with all our military might and weapons? Is the US govt. more tolerant to foreign terrorist than their own people? You may be right you can see the police abuse from time to time and nobody is speaking out especially the MSM and politicians except when the wronged person is of the black persuasion.

  • gman

    “Active duty Marines are now being trained for law enforcement operations … just as soon as the fantasy of a healing economy is shattered, the US dollar fails, and unemployment goes to 30%+ in real numbers.”

    I dunno man … in such an environment just how are they going to pay these boys?

    “we’ll pay you $2000 a month.” “yeah man, that’ll get me a gallon of milk and a bag of cheetos. and you want me to risk my life for that?”

    but you’re right about the “wannabes”. most of them would fold like wet napkins.

    be fun to watch though. which collapses first, the “bag of cheetos” boys or the wet napkins? hard to say ….

  • Wags

    A significant percentage of the population is very pro-gun so hopefully it doesn’t come to this. I’m more worried about violent crime if the economic situation worsens.

  • gman

    “If such a situation ever were to arise, I think that the American people would act in a similar manner which their ancestors did on April 19, 1775 at Lexington.”

    I doubt it. in 1775 most americans were independent farmers used to a life of hard labor. here in 2012 most americans are overweight softies dependent on government in one way or another for basic life necessities. for sure some would resist – for five minutes, the limit of their physical endurance and conditioning. then while they’re wheezing and drooling on the floor you could send in a few air force clerks to pick up their guns from off the ground. yeah, there’s the tactic. doubletime a platoon of marines down the street, wait five minutes, then send in the clean-up crew.

  • Ben the layabout

    Comedian Chris Rock had a skit bit. After George II promised his subjects a “48 hour” victory in Baghdad (2003?), Chris humorously quipped “[The military] couldn’t take Baltimore in 48 hours!” I’m with Rock on this one. We probably are headed for a civil war, but I don’t see many people willingly turning over their guns. Of course, if there’s a M-1 in the driveway and a Blackhawk circling overhead, I may reconsider…

  • gman

    I forgot to mention that I’m with the clean-up crew.

    its been a slow day here at the DMV.

  • Longnine009

    They’ll just shut down face book and
    Twitter and most of the country will
    surrender in 3 hours.

  • come and take it

    you know some of you are right about people giving up and rolling over and such and people will, they will say “oh your here for my guns takem i dont need them.” then there are gonna be the ones who stand up and say “no i will die a free man than live a slave.” that is when the nation will devide expecaily after the first group of people who die in vaine for their rights and freedom that our men and women fought for so long ago. i dont know if yall are up on yalls history(MR. Karger) but during the civil war the South was out maned,out guned,out supplyed and didnt have top of the line stuff as the North did. and the South barreley lost the war, only a few bad desicions and missconmunication is what stood between United States are and United States is.also in 1775(gman)yes the people back then where more fit but would you have ever thought that a bunch of farmers and hunters would ever take down the greatest and most powerful army in the world (Great Britain) at the time. no but they had determination and will to have a free country for there kids even if they where not gonna be around to enjoy it. my point is it doesnt take all the best technology and man power in the world towin a war, all it takes is will powewr and determination thats how we where able to build this great country.dont think the people who rolled over in the begging wont turn, cause once you threaten a persons right and strip away everything they have to live for that makes them the most dangerous person in the world. plus people really should look back at some of the ways Hitler was able to come to power and the things he said and did to get to where he was, it might shock you how similiar to Obama is to him. just saying.



  • Mike

    Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq. These are all places with heavy artillery, tanks and American air superiority….. Guess what. The Americans lost to Guerillas. Wars of attrition are lost causes.

  • Haggis

    I’ve no doubt domestic police and/or the US military COULD easily overwhelm any domestic resistance. But WOULD the armed forces do this?

    On the other hand, I’m sure some Svengali-like politician could convince the population that those resisting were terrorists and thus take the moral high ground. Once you’ve got that you’ve won.

    Just look at the absolute nonsense people believe right now even with free access to the internet et al. Political manipulation is quite pervasive already and it will only get more effective.

  • ken

    We’ve drifted so far from the rule of law I doubt we can ever return.
    In Germany, when their fascists took over if you didn’t hand over your weapons they immediatly shot you and your family.
    I don’t think our fascists will be any kinder.

    One thing for sure,,, we’re toast as the guiding light of liberty for the world… OBL won the war.

  • Le Petomane

    Not long ago I wondered what had happened to Bob Dylan and there he was, on TV not 24 hours later, receiving a medal from that nobel peace prize winner, potus.
    I only saw the vision. Missed the commentary and wasn’t inclined to go searching after I had seen it.
    You know there’s somethin’ happening
    But you don’t know what it is
    Do you, Mr Jones

  • FAUXbama Failed

    You fail to realize most gun owners don’t really care about ‘winning’. How many will you allow to be murdered because you wish to strip them of a right the Founding Fathers clearly defined?

    Will you outlaw hunting as well or will it be regulated to the point you have to sneak up to the animal while wearing a bell and ask for permission to kill it and eat it?

    How about we enact a law banning Hollywood and the music industry from promoting ‘gangsta rap lifestyle’? How about we ban the video games that teach our kids to kill without remorse? How about we start embracing family values instead of attacking those who promote family values?

    It is intolerant liberals constantly barking orders to others and redefining what is acceptable that is America’s biggest problem.

    I say we ban liberalism. Then we can use our guns to shoot those who refuse to give up their liberal views.

    Surely that is an acceptable alternative to suggesting gun owners who don’t wish to surrender their guns to gun grabbing liberals be shot to death. Liberals should abandon their views or suffer the same fate they wish on others.

  • http://Firefox John Fedor

    Mr.Karger sure can bloviate from his “mud hut” somewhere down in Mexico.I believe he soiled himself thinking about this actually happening and hit the road to take his chances with the Mexicans!Sure hope they dont find his head in a bag on the side of the road.As for me,I’m too old to run so I’ll just have to take my .22 and start at the bottom with the local politicians and work my way up until they catch me.County,State and Federal,one rat at a time.Join me.

  • P.W. “Hutch”

    You should be called Jim “The Coward” Karger. It’s been 43 years since combat in Vietnam for me Although I am becoming a grey beard, if ever a federal, state or local police force were to try to take my guns then I consider it tyranny and would welcome a good gun fight. You can bet on it that I and many vets like me would overwhelm such a policing force. My time will be up in this world a few year from now due to age and maybe I should have died long ago in the Nam but you can bet on me getting a half dozen or more of of the SOBs before they get me. At my age I would welcome the rush of a good straight firefight.

    P. W. “Hutch”, 1st batallion, 12th Marines, DaNang 1969

  • I Decline To Say On The Advice Of My Lawyer

    Perhaps, but I wouldn’t be alone. And that’s if I get picked for the first wave of arrests. There’s far, far too many gun owners who would not comply with an order to disarm for them to arrest everyone in one swell foop. The folks doing those raids will not be going home fully staffed, and the folks who sent them won’t be collecting their pensions.

  • Ol crusty

    There is a real question of how many LEO and alphabet soup agencies will obey such an order.
    The military has routinely made public that it will refuse any order from ANY president that contradicts the Constitution, as our oath is first and foremost to that defining law of the Land

  • Mark

    News/information travels VERY fast nowadays (internet message boards, Facebook, Twitter etc.). And once ‘the word’ got out that they’re coming for our firearms, those various internet vehicles could very well become the ‘lighthouse beacon’ or ‘headquarters’ where ALL of the proud American 2A believers/defenders will ‘meet’, band together and come up with a plan.
    Remember, it’s a HUGE nation with LOTS of forests, caves, woods, places to hide.
    Yes, many will die trying.
    But many will also prevent (aka: kill) PLENTY of gungrabbers from achieving their goals as well.
    Eventually when it becomes a long, drawn out lesson in total futility, the concept/act of STEALING constitutional rights from law abiding American citizens will have no choice but to cease/desist.

  • Burt Gummer

    When they come for the guns, we won’t wait for them to come to our houses. Never forget the police and military must live amongst us. It will be civil war, and the homes of the tyrants and their supporters will not be safe. There will be no green zone for them to hide behind.

  • Joseph

    You’re projecting Jim, my liberal friend. Perhaps you would immediately drop to your knees in subjugation before your Government Gods but then as a Lefty it is in your genetic make up isn’t it?

    You and your ilk all have the same problem in that you never speak with anyone but those who believe exactly as you do and so you think everyone will behave as you would.

    If rounding nup guns and disarming America were so easy, liberal, then why can’t the mighty government even disarm the gangs in LA will basically rule the streets? oops!

    Stay in your home Jim and when things get a bit tough let the men handle things while you sit in front of your little word processor and blast out tough lib talk.

  • Joseph

    Matt Juice said

    Dear Jim,

    What about the simple principle of “I’d rather die on my feet then live on my knees.”

    This concept is alien to a liberal because at their very core they are complete cowards and cannot envision standing and fighting for ANYTHING, unless of course it is a free handout paid for by someone else.

  • Angelique Wow

    Folks be sure to get it all on video and post to http://www.youtube.com/

    I want to see what happens in color.

  • JoeThePimpernel

    Only crypto-Marxists use the term “Neo-Con.”

  • RDC

    Faulty premise. What you failed to consider is that there is a large segment of us “gun nuts” who are just waiting for the ball to drop. On that day, we will not be waiting for the gendarmes to come and clean out our gun safes, we will not be home. We will be hunting down those WHO ARE GIVING THE ILLEGAL ORDERS and removing them via kinetic ballots.

  • Dave

    This article is an outright troll and I expect better from the Reckoning.

  • http://crev.info/ bondmen

    There is a vast civilian army of freedom, liberty loving law abiding American citizens who know a government monopoly on arms means certain slavery for their children and grand children. Do you think they want that for their progeny? We are a unique people who will stand up to tyranny abroad and for heaven’s sake, here at home! The Founding Fathers warned about enemies, both foreign and domestic. So I ask you, why would feral government official gun banners not meet this qualification?

    For more on what’s coming read The War on Guns and Sipsey Street Irregulars.

  • Willielmus

    Yes, I’ll be lying dead in the street as they pry my gun from my cold dead fingers. I have no illusions about that. But there will be three or four of their stormtroopers lying dead next to me. If each one of us can take two or three of them with us, it’ll eventually be a win.

  • Average Joe

    The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference …..they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.

    George Washington


  • http://isthatyourplan.wordpress.com Musashi

    “2 for 1″ should be the motto.

  • Voice of Freedom

    Here is a thought …the Terroist re out numbered and out gunned in afghanistan yet…we haven’t beat them and completely destroyed them yet have we ? nope and do you really think these highly trained marines are gonna come home and kill their families and friends to remove guns LOL think again they are already POed at the govt as it if the govt ever tries this it will be the straw that breaks the military so all those weapons they bought will be turned back on them ..thats gotta suck..FOR THEM, the american population nor the Armed forces will stand for this, I mean yea you will get a few maybe 1/3. who will do it just for the power trip but you add number of armed america plus 2/3 of the Armed forces and what do you have ? a new country People should never fear the govt, the govt should fear its people

  • BrutlStrudl

    “Take one with you” Winston Churchill

  • Dan Frain

    Karger – No I won’t. My son won’t, either.


  • Sagebrush

    It sometimes amazes how some of these supposed journalists write about future occurrences as absolute fact when they don’t have a clue what they are writing about. What this fellow has written displays how little he understands the situation, and the reaction from a majority of the 60 million armed American citizens. Any attempt to disarm the American People will start a civil war and the elite and their employees in Washington D.C. know it. They would love see the guns turned into recycled scrap, however they realize any attempt to do so would bring down the present political and economic system in the U.S.A. They won’t risk losing their present gravy train and maybe getting shot or hung in the process.

  • gman

    “The Americans lost to Guerillas.”

    are you a guerilla? are any of you? “they can have my keyboard when they pry it from my cold dead fingers.” geez.

    “I’ll just have to take my .22 and start at the bottom with the local politicians and work my way up until they catch me.County,State and Federal,one rat at a time.”

    just one problem. those “rats” are the duly elected legitimate representatives of the people at large.

    when you set out, don’t forget your blood pressure pills.

    “At my age I would welcome the rush of a good straight firefight.”

    end the pain, eh?

    “’2 for 1′ should be the motto.”

    yeah, well in the real world it winds up being 5-20 guerillas for each regular soldier killed. and you ain’ no guerilla.

    “the folks who sent them won’t be collecting their pensions.”

    if it comes to this, no-one anywhere will be geting their pension, nor will the troops be paid. and THAT is the only thing that will slow them down if they ever come for you.

  • http://isthatyourpan.wordpress.com Musashi


    You’re right – better to be a slave.

    Perhaps you should buy a pair of boots and practice your licking skills now.

    You insist on ascribing unbeatable skills to those that are citizens like everyone else. There’s no supermen anywhere.

    You also seem to know who is what. That’s interesting.

  • Patriot with a Cause

    This story, written by a man that lives in a Central Mexico desert? Disarming 40-60 million people is a near impossibility. I will die fighting for freedom and liberty, just as millions have before myself.

  • gman

    “There’s no supermen anywhere.”

    true. but what I’m saying is that those who loudly proclaim “we will resist” are mostly chest-thumping goo.

    “You’re right – better to be a slave.”

    I advise everyone to take honest stock of what you are and what you can do. fact is most of you ARE slaves.

  • http://isthatyourplan.wordpress.com Musashi

    “fact is most of you ARE slaves.”

    In what sense?

  • Average Joe

    The organizations and their leaders that push for tighter gun laws or to weaken or eliminate the 2nd Amendment have a common denominator.

    Michael Bloomberg, Chuck Schumer, ADL, ACLU, SPLC, Brady Gun Control (Daniel Gross),Violence Policy Center (Josh Sugarmann), etc,

    Those of privilege have always wanted the peasants and serfs disarmed.

  • Sagebrush

    With your attitude you need to get on over to the Shearing Shed. If you and Sheeple like you keep avoiding your responsibility as citizens of a Democratic Republic, instead of citizens you will soon become slaves to a fascist corporcratic system ruled by parasites.

    One VietCong guerilla who killed over 100 American Soldiers was a Vietnamese woman who weighed less the 100 pounds. Guerillas are always outnumbered, although there are a lot of military people who are fed up with those who are quickly earning the title of domestic enemies. So your numbers may not even be close to accurate. Anybody can be a guerilla. The evil crazies in the middle east have proved that.

  • 556

    Yer dumb

  • gman

    “With your attitude”

    heh. my attitude.

    have to admit, some of you advertise an aggressive attitude. you’re strong in that department. credit where credit is due.

    “One VietCong guerilla who killed over 100 American Soldiers was a Vietnamese woman who weighed less the 100 pounds.”

    I’ll see your guerillette and raise you a few dozen drone operators, several dozen surveillance cameras you flash each day, and the gps coordinates to your front door.

    “you will soon become slaves to a fascist corporcratic system ruled by parasites.”



    What you should REALLY write about is the RACIAL aspects. When hell breaks lose here, people will gravitate to the groups they know and trust and RACE is the #1 factor in safe group formation.

    Then, you need to consider the “good ol’ boy” network and hidden piles of guns, ammor, reloading equipment, etc. The US ARMY bay be able to have “some” say in the cities, but will have NO safety in the back country roads.

    The amount of guns already in the hands of “real” white American rednecks is so vast that the US ARMY soldiers stupid enough to round up the guns will endure constant and fightful sniper and hit-n-run attacks.

    The US ARMY will never venture into the back country and they will surely suffer hideous deaths and wounds from the millions of real white American “retired” army guys.

    Though MILLIONS will die, the “state” can not win. Never has. Never will. They will start off strong with a large minority army killing the “gun nuts”, but in a matter of months the attrition and death rate of the minority US ARMY soldiers will put an end to “police” action.

    Millions are EXPECTING this and have been ready for a few decades.

  • LC

    If it comes to that I will bury my guns where only I can find them.” No officer I sold those weapons a long time ago, the guy is now dead, I dont know what he did with them”.

  • gman

    “Millions are EXPECTING this and have been ready for a few decades.”

    for x = 1 to TAXIDS
    { if
    { citizen(taxid).property(rural)
    citizen(taxid).income() < MIN_INC
    citizen(taxid).loyalty() < MIN_LOY
    surveillance_level_two.add(taxid) ;

  • Arm Chair Pundit

    Yes, the “stand your ground” types will fold or be killed.

    But that is NOT how guerrilla warfare is done. Just ask the VietCong… or the Taliban…

    You NEVER hold a position against superior fire power. You always withdraw and attack the weak flank. And there are a LOT of those.

  • Lowglow

    Yes I will just be another dead fool, face down in a puddle of Blood on the pavement, why ?, Win or lose, it is far better to be dead than to be in chains, locked in a Prison camp and work as forced labor all my life than be alive. Life has no meaning and all hope is lost if the last free nation on earth falls to tyrants.

  • OakieDoc

    What a pile