Jason Farrell

Yes, the Affordable Care Act is coming… and it’s unlikely congressional Republicans will be able to stop it.

But that won’t stop them from trying… In an effort to kill the law once and for all, the Republican-led house passed a federal funding bill that, in addition to keeping the government running for another fiscal year, would in fact defund Obamacare.

From here the bill will go to the Democrat-led Senate where it’s likely to be voted down and sent back to the House to be re-worked without – the Democrats hope – the provision to defund Obamacare.

Ugh… What a nightmare. Especially if you consider that many young, healthy individuals may decide to simply opt out of the program altogether. Paying the fine for opting out is often less expensive than paying insurance for a year if your income is above the assistance line.

It’s here that some political groups have found an opportunity to sabotage the law once it goes into effect. “Opt out” is the message of Generation Opportunity, a free market non-profit based in D.C. They’ve produced a series of viral videos getting their message across in a way that is… uh… memorable. After a doctor leaves the room, a hideously grinning Uncle Sam emerges seemingly from nowhere to perform unspeakable horrors on unsuspecting young patients.

“What we’re trying to communicate is, ‘No, you’re actually not required to buy health insurance,’ ” Generation Opportunity’s president, Evan Feinberg, told Yahoo News. “You might have to pay a fine, but that’s going to be cheaper for you and better for you.”

Time magazine has balked at the ads, calling them “jarring” and even “insane.”

Check out Uncle Sam’s new job below.

Also, if you’re ever at a doctor’s office and they remark “oh, you signed up for Obamacare?”… RUN.

Jason Farrell

For The Daily Reckoning

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Jason Farrell

Jason M. Farrell is a writer based in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, MD. Before joining Agora Financial in 2012 he was a research fellow at the Center for Competitive Politics, where his work was cited by the New York Post, Albany Times Union and the New York State Senate. He has been published at United Liberty, The Federalist, The Daily Caller and LewRockwell.com among many other blogs and news sites.

  • Tom Sawyer

    I don’t care how healthy an individual thinks they are sooner or later the odds favor a hospital visit. Most people without insurance cannot and will not pay the bill. A broken arm will cost in the neighborhood of $8000.00. How about another incident the same year ? A strep throat with antibiotics several hundred. Republicans if true to their mantra should be embracing Obamacare as it forces people who are gaming the system and foisting their unpaid bills on all of those who do have insurance premiums. It can’t be that insignificant in that it is common knowledge that a good percentage of our monthly premiums go to pay for those who don’t. Now consider this as this website is devoted to matters of business, can you imagine all the ingenuity that will spring up from individuals who can now get out of that job they hate but stay because of the health care? Do you realize how many people can begin to either work for themselves, or start new business’s because now they can attract better people without worrying about paying for insurance or as much for insurance.

  • Enzo

    No one BROKE our healthcare ANY better than democrat useful imbeciles and it has a LONG history going back to 1965 when LBJ set up the PONZI schemes medicare and medicaid. That was the beginning of BIG INSURANCE plopped in the middle of OUR healthcare. BLAME the GOP we know.

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