Who ARE these clowns?

Hot on the heels of the news that Congress has — for the fifth time during the Bush 43 presidency — raised the national debt limit, we get this fascinating tidbit from the McClatchy papers:

Donations to the Bureau of the Public Debt have topped $2.5 million so far this year. That's the highest amount since at least 1996.

Who on earth is making these donations?  And how much?  Is it roughly 50,000 people donating roughly $50 each?  Or maybe ten people who've donated an average $250,000?

What goes through the minds of these people?  They must honestly think to themselves, "Our country is in really dire straits, and even though my donation is a drop in the bucket, I'll be doing my part to help alleviate the pain."

Can these people be tracked down?  I mean, if you donate money to an election campaign, it becomes a matter of public record, searchable on the web.  I haven't looked very hard, but if it is public record, someone needs to carry out an intervention with these people, because no matter how much money they're donating, they are enabling an addict — a government addicted to spending.  I mean, can't someone grab these people by the collar and say, "Are you crazy?  You could donate this money to a battered women's shelter, or use it to help start a business, or just spend it and help keep the economy sputtering along… but right now you're doing the single most destructive, worthless thing possible with this money!

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