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Here at The Daily Edge, we believe no one became wealthy by sitting around.

As it stands, I’d guess most of your investment information comes from news articles, or maybe something you’ve seen on TV or heard from a friend or your broker.

Today, you have a chance to change that.

Here at The Daily Edge, we take a fundamentally different approach.

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With our boots-on-the-ground investigations, we travel the world looking for the most lucrative opportunities to enhance your retirement and well-being.

Instead of passively reading the Wall Street Journal or typing a few stock tickers into a website, we leave the desk behind, and hit the road.

Whether its attending gold conferences in New Orleans or interviewing high ranking officials from New York City, you’ll have an inside view of the world’s markets and rare knowledge once kept between industry insiders.

Instead of betting your hard-earned money on an ambiguous financial sector stock or a chain retail store or earning a tiny bit of interest through a CD — you can stay a head of the pack with a first glimpse into industry.

The Daily Edge Is Your Front-Row Seat To Brand New Market Insights

Truly profitable wealth generating opportunities are everywhere. The Daily Edge is your guide to proactively seeing these opportunities and taking advantage, whether it be a natural resource play or Social Security loophole set to close in the coming months.

For example…

You’ll have first glimpse predictions on federal interest rate hike decisions and be able to play the market accordingly.

Or, you’ll be given financial data showing debt swaps between banks that will ultimately collapse a local commercial branch.

There is a way to protect your wealth while growing the value of your accounts, and The Daily Edge is your guide to proactively profiting from market with knowledge from insider experts.

Instead of sitting back and watching the price you pay for “stuff” rise, you can protect your wealth and profit.

This is your chance to gain access to the masterminds of the market— giving you the insight to stay well ahead of the pack figuratively and financially.

You Can Count on The Daily Edge to Give You Up-to-the-minute Coverage of these Topics….

From our headquarters in Baltimore, MD, we’ll keep you covered on all things emerging from the depths of the markets. Anything from new and upcoming energy companies, interest rate decisions, even political decisions from our lawmakers in DC.

Here are more examples of what I mean…

The Macroeconomic Environment- The world economy is constantly changing which presents opportunities for both profits AND disaster. From trade with China to riots in South Africa, the macroeconomic environment is crucial when it comes to how you manage your wealth. We will be giving insightful research on ideas such as how the dollar collapse could play out, what stocks might fall, and what assets could skyrocket in price. With macroeconomics controlling the world around us, The Daily Edge will make sure you are ahead of the curve.

Income- There’s an easy way build up the extra cash you need for retirement, leisure, even everyday expenses — and shield yourself from the economy’s frequent ups and downs at the same time. It’s collecting dividends… checks that companies, funds and even bonds send you just for holding their stock. In fact, these regular checks could be the only reliable way to get ahead these days. At The Daily Edge, we will search out and find you great companies with high yields.

Precious Metals- Gold and silver are more than just listings on the periodic table. These metals offer the only real protection against fiat currency and inflation. Plus, here at The Daily Edge, we know that gold and silver aren’t the only profitable metals. That’s why you’ll also find full updates on palladium, copper, rare earth metals and more. As miners pull valuable ore from the earth, you better believe The Daily Edge will be there.

Energy– You and I use energy in all facets of our lives. This includes the crude oil that subsequently fuels our car, the natural gas that heats or cools our houses and the coal/nuclear power that keeps our electricity flowing. With all of this exposure to energy, The Daily Edge will show you how to profit.

Aerospace & Defense- Huge amounts of public money pour into America’s defense industry. Donald Trump’s election and his promise to rebuild the U.S. armed forces over the coming years means big potential profits for you. The Daily Edge will be at the front line finding out where the money is flowing and how you can get in on the action.

Technology- Every day, little-known companies step closer to creating things that used to be the stuff of science fiction: artificial intelligence, immunotherapy, even the achievement of immortality. Of course, that doesn’t mean every company with a great technology will succeed. Its business model could be flawed, or its research may not pan out, or sometimes, it gets bought out by a larger company. To find your chance for the biggest gains, you need to understand the trends that will drive these technologies and be able to identify and analyze the strongest companies with the best chance of success — and profits. The Daily Edge will be your guide to rising technology in the market.

The Daily Edge Staff Is Comprised of Several Globe Trotting Analysts…

Each analyst has a different background and specialty — but they all share two commonalities: a strong knowledge in their area of expertise and a boots-on-the-ground investment philosophy.

Combined, we hold over 100 years of banking and investing experience.

Just in the past couple of years, we’ve covered a lot on the ground: Brazil, South Africa, Japan, Russia, Eastern Europe, India, Canada’s oil sand country, South American, Alaska’s North Slope, the UK and more!

Day in and day out, we’re logging travel time and working hard to locate opportunities.

Importantly, though, you can rest assured that all of our research is completely independent. We don’t work for any of the companies that we write about; simply put, we work for you.

We’ll bring you trading tips and market insights straight from expert editor Zach Scheidt and our panel of distinguished analysts, including: Jim Rickards, Byron King, Gerald Celente and more.

Along with our regulars, you’ll also get valuable insight from various other contributors, including: The New York Times best-selling authors, macroeconomic analysis from former Presidential consultants, multimillion dollar hedge fund managers, Chicago commodity pit insiders, and more!

Through daily email updates, you’ll have a front-row seat to every opportunity that our experts uncover. They’ll do all the hard work for you.

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