Video: Ron Paul Wins Presidential Straw Poll

Beating out Mitt Romney (22%), Sarah Palin (7%), Tim Pawlenty (6%) and others by a wide margin, Dr. Ron Paul was elected with 31% of the vote by the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) as best conservative candidate for president in 2012. Previously, Mitt Romney had won the straw poll the three years in a row.

Two of the questions covered in the video follow up below:

Q: …what do you feel America needs changed to get back on track?

A: …we do need some changes, and we didn’t get the changes, of course, with this administration. I think the debt is going to do us all in and that’s the reason all this arguing, whether it’s medical care or whatever in Washington. It’s that nobody wants to admit that this country is bankrupt. Everybody wants something but nobody is willing to cut and I’ve taken the position you cut everything…

Q: How will you cut the size of government and which programs should be scrapped if you were to be president today?

A: Well you have to understand the role of government… we shouldn’t be in the welfare business and we shouldn’t be in the warfare business, so everything is up for grabs, government should be very limited…

This clip came to our attention via The Daily Bell’s coverage of Ron Paul’s domination in the CPAC straw poll for president.

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