Two weeks till 8.21.08

I.O.U.S.A. gets a very favorable write-up today on the front page of the Washington Post's business section.  Meanwhile, Addison Wiggin checks in with some of the buzz the movie's getting with just two weeks before the nationwide premiere:

We’ve heard from Canadians who are crossing the border and driving as far as 250 miles to the closest theatres. Readers from France and England are buying tickets, just to show their support. A civic group in Denver has reportedly bought 100 tickets and is encouraging its members to attend. And we heard from a reader that one of the theatres in Milwaukee is already sold out.

We’ve heard stories that the management teams of some companies are snapping up tickets for their employees. Others are trying to set up additional screenings in theatres closer to their homes. And we’ve had multiple inquiries from financial publishers in the industry asking how they can get involved to help put “butts in seats” for the premiere.

All that for a single-night showing two weeks from tonight — Thursday August 21.  It will be followed by a live-via satellite discussion beamed to every theater featuring Warren Buffett, Pete Peterson, and David Walker.

And we're offering a little something extra if you order tickets now.   Just go to the movie's homepage and click on "Find a theater near you" in the upper-right corner.  Once you order tickets and get your confirmation email, forward that confirmation to and you'll get a complimentary one-year subscription to our flagship publication, Strategic Investment — a $99 value, yours free as our way of saying thanks for turning out on the 21st.  The more people who show up that night, the wider distribution the film will have on subsequent nights — and the more people who'll get the message about the $53 trillion hole our leaders have dug for us.

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