Travel advisory

How bad are the drug wars in Mexico these days?  Bad enough for the State Department to issue a travel advisory for several parts of the country, including areas bordering the United States:

The travel advisory comes as emboldened traffickers have posted written death threats against government officials and their families – attaching them with ice picks to the bodies of murder victims, U.S. and Mexican officials said.

In the past month, at least three bodies have been found in the Monterrey area with messages accusing Nuevo León state authorities of favoring rival cartel groups and warning of reprisals against them and their families, authorities said.

"This won't end until you understand," one note said.

"The environment has never been this tense," said a U.S. State Department official, speaking on condition of anonymity. "We've never seen our counterparts as worried about their personal safety as they are today."

Acapulco is also included in the warning — another tourist spot where tourists now have to watch their backs, in addition to Oaxaca, where a rebellion's been underway the better part of a year.

This isn't the only aspect to the turmoil in Mexico.  Another development, its fading giant oil field Cantarell, could trigger even more crises, and even a flood of illegal immigration to the United States.  Learn all about it in a new special report from Strategic Investment's Dan Amoss.

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