Investment Expert Rallies Behind “Blue Gold”

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June 30, 2006
Contact: Ian Mathias, 410-864-1652 – Investment Expert Rallies Behind “Blue Gold”

Baltimore, MD: The future’s most valuable commodity is literally falling out of the sky. A global shortage of fresh water will cost nations millions of lives and billions of dollars before the end of the year. One expert believes that smart investors will buy into water infrastructure businesses before water turns into “blue gold.”

“For most of the world, clean drinking water is a far more precious commodity than oil,” said Chris Mayer, a global markets expert and frequent contributor to The Daily Reckoning. Mayer believes that Chinese and Indian water infrastructure systems are so decrepit that they will soon be forced to launch a massive reconstructive effort.

“China, India, and most other developing nations are realizing that no economy can flourish for long by polluting the water that sustains its workforce,” said Mayer in an investment advisory report he released today entitled “Blue Gold.” “Now that unclean water has become a serious economic issue, government agencies and private corporations worldwide are springing into action,” said Mayer.

For U.S. investors, Mayer believes that “water may be the ultimate world play.” Dissimilar from oil or gas, Mayer contends that water has no other substitute or alternative. “Unlike other commodities, the demand for water is unwavering and certain,” said Mayer, “and investing in water is an investment in a certain future.”

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Chris Mayer is a contributing editor to The Daily Reckoning and editor of Mayer’s Special Situations. Mayer has been seen on FOX News’ weekly Forbes on FOXfinancial show and has been featured in a variety of print and Web publications. His views on financial matters have been widely quoted, including in the highly regarded Grant’s Interest Rate Observer.

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