Time's Most Dubious Man of the Year

We have an extremely graphic issue for you today, dear reader. Therefore, if you are easily unsettled, morally hypersensitive or generally lacking in good humor…please continue reading anyway.

Ben Bernanke has been named Time Magazine’s Man of the Year.

Bernanke Time Cover

Immediately after the announcement yesterday, the blogosphere lit up with colorful remarks about what a “complete buffoon” the Fed Chairman is and how his “gross negligence” caused “the very conditions he is lauded as having combated.”

As is generally the case, however, those quick to emotion are slow to the point. By all means, lambast the rag’s editor, Richard Stengel, who crooned in the editor’s note:

“We’ve rarely had such a perfect revision of the cliché that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it…Bernanke didn’t just learn from history; he wrote it himself and was damned if he was going to repeat it.”

…but don’t be surprised that the magazine chose an incompetent, control-freak figure as their célébrité de l’année. One only need thumb through a few past issues to understand what it takes to win the dubious accolade. Here are a few forgettable covers:

Stalin Time Cover

Hitler Time Cover

Putin Time Cover

Of course, Time Magazine is not ONLY dedicated to annually commemorating the contributions of power-mongering central planners and liberty thieves, they also offer prescient analysis of hard-hitting topics…like the housing bubble.

Housing Time Cover

Oh wait…scratch that last one…

Meanwhile, out here on the fringe of the publishing business, we toil away with our dedicated celebration of the underdog…of the downtrodden individual trying to outwit his own local Bernanke, and of the oft-dismissed ideal of reaping what you sow, of getting exactly what you deserve, and of laissez fair capitalism – a term increasingly and disturbingly used by the mainstream media in a strangely misinformed, pejorative sense.

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